Mercury Conjunct Sun, Ceres and Jupiter – MAJOR INFORMATION OVERLOAD!

It’s Too Early in The Year for All That’s Going On!

You guys I need a break!  From rockets fired from Iran to explosions in Somalia to planes crashing, stampedes, earthquakes and Puerto Rican black outs — IT’S WAY TOO MUCH TOO SOON!  We are only eight days into the new year.

Now of course, with everything going on in the mundane world, you know it’s hitting the microcosm (home) also.  Therefore after a long day of feeling like there were too many phone calls and too much to do, I sat down at my desk and whispered to myself, “information overload.”

It occurred to me to check the calendar and there it was as clear as day…..Mercury conjuncting everybody and their mother with the nerve to be positively aspecting Saturn as well.  Damn!  We thought we’d left all this crap behind in 2019.  What the hell?

Breathe and Calm Down.  It May Not Be As Bad As It Seems.

I mentioned a few days ago that the winds of time were not conducive for war.   A week or so back, I mentioned that Jupiter had made it extremely clear that he wanted to not only play house this year, but to do it seriously and build a family.

As I type this, I hear a small dog yapping away outside, and that is exactly what Mercury is doing right now.  He’s loud, he’s highly vocal, but a lot of this is talk and nothing else!  I can tell you to ignore his loud barking and use the energy to ace your term paper, pen a new novel or start a journal.

Yes, I know he is making you want to express yourself and be heard, but unfortunately we don’t have a planet that specializes in listening so guess what….lol.  Ain’t nobody really paying attention ‘cuz everybody’s trying to be heard.  Therefore, turn all that communicative energy into one of the following:

  1. Add new posts on your social media page
  2. Look for new friends on social media
  3. Buy the new iPhone 11 [ad]
  4. Start a journal
  5. Write an e-book about something you know really well
  6. Take a public speaking class
  7. Call a friend you have not spoken to in a while

It’s all about COMMUNICATION so don’t let it overwhelm you.  Use all this precious energy on your own terms.

Rev. Renee

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Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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