The Good News About Mars (The God of War) in Sagittarius (The Sign of Weapons)

2020 Has Started Off With a Bang, and Everyone’s Talking About War.

Iraq and Africa don’t want to be a battleground for other countries.  Sovereign countries do not appear to want to go to war, but some feel concessions are warranted.  There’s only one person who seemingly wants to fight. 

The good news is that Mars is not making any aspects to Saturn or Pluto, which indicates none of this is for the long term and the effort lacks focus and energy.  Over the next few weeks, Mars, (the God or Elowahh of War [Mangala/Nissi/Ogun/Odin/Aries) will be influenced by the following Energies:   The Wife/Woman; Technology/Communication; and Community. Everyone is going to have to get together and fix this one, and who better to soothe deep hurts than women.


What Do You Do When You Can’t Change What You’ve Done? Timing is Everything.

There are many countries in this world.  The current paradigm is that each country is tasked with defending itself.  Due to Jupiter’s current placement, this is not the season for war, but for building. 

Losing a generation of strong, mentally stable, young, fertile people, is not worth any expected gain.  Fossil fuels should be long behind us.  Unstable forms of power/energy should also be extinct.  Solar energy should be the order of the day, as well as teletransport and energy from dark matter. Anything that does not contribute to world without end, i.e. sustainable development, is null and void.

The energy of Sagittarian Mars is belligerent, but the Sun’s placement , along with Saturn’s and Pluto’s absences answer with a strong and resounding, “NO” to the current social media construct!

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