More Thoughts on What is Coming in 2020

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We’ve Discussed What Jupiter Brings in 2020.  Now Let’s Look At It From a Humanistic Angle.

I looked at the Natal Chart of Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn, which lays out loads of information with regard to what the year will bring.  There are other bits of knowledge and caviats that are introduced into the astrological equation, and are revealed only through meditation and spiritual insight. 

It is necessary that one give themselves to quiet times of contemplation in order to absorb these golden nuggets that do not come easily to distracted minds and overly busy lives.  I will offer to you what has come to me and look forward to hearing from you with regard to your thoughts and insights on the matters at hand.

Lessons Will Be Learned From Death and Rebirth.  It Will Be the Norm Moreso Than the Exception.

Who doesn’t feel discomfort when anything they are use to changes or leaves…whether good or bad.  This can happen in myriad ways to include death, birth, divorce, moves, travel, natural disasters/occurrences, etc.  2020 will usher in many lessons having to do with death, change and rebirth.  Whether or not these changes are wanted depends on how each disciple of life views the world and how willing they are to accept the lessons at hand.  No longer will neighbors watch from afar as others experience trauma and change.  Everyone will be touched in some way.  Make it easier by beginning to unravel (right now) from anything other than life itself in all of its forms.  Expect the unexpected.

Pain Will Become the Tie That Binds.

As we all learn these lessons of letting go, surrender and release, the feelings and emotions we experience will cause us to create associations that birth new friendships, groups and organizations.  These Associations will be the impetus for generational blessings that will set the stage for the New Age.

Existing and New Organizational Structures Will Begin to Advocate a Message of #Universal #Love.

We talk about love, but many of us do not yet understand what it is.  Love is absolute acceptance.  It requires that we give up our expectations to allow each person an opportunity to express their unique and divine beingness.  We realize that this beingness is an expression of the ONE Life Power or #God. 

We no longer fear diversity, but embrace it as a form of education in all facets of the Life Force. As a result of this universal acceptance, we will usher in an idyllic mindset of acceptance and unconditional love based on the absence of fear.  Various walls that have been put up by structured religions and organizations will come down. 

This new concept will be headed by the youth of 2000 to 2010, and mental health platforms will help us to understand how lack of acceptance negatively affects the human race.  It will also show how full acceptance prevents the need for rebellions. 

We will begin to understand how allowance, not law, ushers in peace.  The Universe becomes the Master Teacher. A humble disposition is required to peacefully accept this phase of our journeys and to let go our need for control.

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