Spiritual Counselors & Intuitive Advisors are Universal Employees!

We Do Not Discriminate

The Sun is sextile Ceres and very close to Warlord Mars a fast-moving #zodiac Energy. Once again these transits either lightly or heavily (depending on your natal chart) affect many across the world, and Intuitive Readers are called upon to calm minds and soothe fears.

Know that I am here to help anybody who wants it!

I always say that we are all psychic (each human), however sometimes even the most open of hearts can be cast into the doldrums of silence when situations arrive at our own doorsteps. It can be difficult to see simple solutions when we are in the midst of the storm, however there are many who are here to help and to light the way so that you can see more clearly

Allow Me to Assist Today!

Help me to help you by first picking up the phone and making the call. If you prefer, you may initiate a chat and allow me to assist you using that vehicle.

I personally consider it an honor and privilege to have been selected to go through a life training that allows me to offer advice from the Akashic world, as well as from sub and Superconscious wisdom. Sometimes even a listening and compassionate ear can relieve woes and make it all a little easier.

Be encouraged and know that you can make it, whatever challenges you find yourself learning from in the You-niversity of Life! I believe in you, They (The Inner School Masters and Oracles) believe in you and know that each step of the journey is only meant to make your soul stronger because you truly are More than Conquerors!

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Call or chat with me today to discuss the possibilities that life and love have to offer you!

Many blessings!

Rev. Renee


Ext. 05241298

source http://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/Renee_Tarot/Spiritual-Counselors–amp–Intuitive-Advisors-are-Universal-Employees/811772.aspx

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Renee Tarot

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