Preparing for Hurricane Season – Dorian

Hello All,

especially to you in the Caribbean and along the east coast of the US
from Florida to Maine.  I hope you are prepared or preparing for what
Dorian and any other impending storms are doing or about to do, and
please keep those in the Bahamas in your prayers. 

US typically does not have hurricanes on land when Lilith is in Pisces
and she is moving out on Wednesday, early tomorrow morning!  Lilith will
be in Aquarius, an air sign (where she loves to be during Hurricanes)
by around 3:15 am on Wednesday morning and she was in Aquarius during
Hurricane Michael also.  Lilith will remain in Aquarius until September
8, 2019.

have a stellium in Virgo, which hurricanes do love when they hit land
in the US so make your preparations, listen to local state officials and
keep positive energy aflow because it does help!

Take care!

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