Spiritual Climate Change — Choose What Comes Forth Out of Your Heart!

We have to Root Out Some Things that Were Sown Into Us Early in Life.

Our parents and early caregivers sow into us what was sown into them, whether it be good or bad. Fortunately, sowing is not neutral, for example you can’t sow an orange seed anywhere in the world.  You have to find soil and a climate good for oranges.  In the current New Age, we know better so we can do better, therefore it is time to root up some of what was sown that no longer serves and change the climate of our heart to prevent future growth.

Look Closely At Yourself and Determine if What You See is Who You Want to Be.

You can create the life you have imagined for yourself, but you must be honest with YOU. If you look at the mirror and see evidence of your mother’s or grandmother’s habits, then you have the power to determine if these are habits that you want to keep or if you want to adopt a new way of thinking. It’s called initiating Spiritual Climate Change.

The following tools and situations can help you to change your personality climate for the better: (1) positive thinking, (2) an upgrade in the friends you hang around, and (3) role models that display how you see yourself in the future. You are the sum total of who you hang around so if you are not who you want to be, change who you hang around!

Energy is a powerful thing that is not to be taken for granted and that is easily transferred. You can be cordial, generous, polite, and sweet, without letting everyone into your inner circle, besides, moving across the country may not be such a bad thing after all ;).

Call or chat with me today to discuss the possibilities that life and love have to offer you!

Many blessings!

Ms. Renee Advisor


Ext. 04644657

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