Let’s Talk Totem Animals: Fish

Feminine Energy, Fertility and Abundance Are Here For You!

Totem Animals are energies that surround each one of us and they take on the characteristics of the corresponding physical animal here on earth. For those who understand spirituality, we know EVERYTHING is spirit and that carnal manifestations are just the residue of yesterday’s energy. These so called ‘realities’ are perceived with our physical eyes and senses; however, they are ‘late’ energy, which in many cases took on it’s highest forms in previous days.

Animal energies will manifest in our lives in a number of ways, via dreams, in books, passing us by as we travel, as pictures on billboards or clothing, etc. Today’s animal, the Fish is a symbol of various deities and even religions, and it speaks of propagation, gathering, fruitfulness and femininity with regard to the Mother.

People of western cultures are often quite obsessed with the symbology of mermaids and half human/half fish sea creatures, which roam thru the oceans and watch over naval vessels.

Pay attention today to signs from the Fish animal totem and ask yourself, “what is this fertile energy attempting to bring into my life?” Keep in mind the various methods that this shamanic symbol may show up for you, based on what was mentioned above.

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