How Numerology Predicts What the 2020 Presidential Election Could Bring to America

Can an Economic Depression be Predicted Using Numerology?

Persons born in 1920 experienced the Great Depression from the ages of 9 to 19.  2019 is an identical numerological year, not only adding up to 3, but with the exact same numbers, which hasn’t happened since 1920.  Does this set the stage for another Depression in 2028?  Let’s take a look.

What Happened in 1911, When Those Born in 1902 Turned 9 Years Old:  The Panic of 1910 – 1911

The year 1902 has the same numbers as 1920 and 2019.  Believe it or not there actually was a financial crisis when the children born in 1902 turned 9 years old. The Panic of 1910-1911 was somewhat of a precursor to the Great Depression when the Standard Oil Company was broken up by the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.  Those known as trustbusters were determined to promote fair competition by forcing the breakups of large monopolizing companies, which in turn affected the stock markets.

You Can’t Look at One Mystical System to Determine World Events.  What Did the Year 1902 Birth from an Astrological and Tarot Point of View?

When we look at the birthday of 1902, which is January 1, 1902, we end up with the number 5, which from a numerological view indicates travel, movement and storytelling. However, from a tarot perspective, it denotes lack and suffering. The cycle of 1902 to 1911 would share the same birthday, hence the same destiny number.
Astrologically, the degrees 0 and 29 typically indicate major points within a zodiac sign.  Neptune was retrograde at 29 degrees in Gemini, which indicates the use of intelligence to discover hidden information. Mars, the God of War was at 29 degrees of Capricorn the area of work.  Juno the contracted asteroid wife was in Libra, the law, and also in the 12th house, which indicates a sting operation or a secret consolidated effort against a formal entity.

How Do the Mystical Configurations of 1902, 1920 and 2019 Compare?

Without going into a lot of numerological, astrological or tarotological gobbledygook, the main points are as follows:  Secret knowledge is revealed in a public way that causes a legal ending of one system and the beginning of another, resulting in a type of fearful revolution and chaos as the change is initiated.  All cycles of 9 years starting in 1902, 1920 and 2019 have destiny numbers of 5. This affects our financial systems.  Water, Ground, Fire or Air can be the initiating factor, which only indicates which industry will be affected and how the change comes about.
When Neptune, was at the focal degree mark in air and water signs in 1902, the oil and gas industry was affected. 
In 1920 when Uranus was at the focal degree mark, going from air to water, people blamed everything from overextended credit, banking and drought.  On the 24th of October 1929 (nine years later) when the collapse began, the Sun was at 0 deg Scorpio with Chiron retrograde in Taurus.  Ironically, a retrograde Chiron enters Taurus at 0 degrees nine years from 2019…..great — 2028 promises to be an interesting year. 
In 2019 the only planet at a focal degree is Mars, the war god in fire sign Aries.  Planets at focal points of fire signs could mark war as in 1939 with WWII or in 1914 when Venus was at 29 conjunct Pallas in Sagittarius for WWI.  But keep in mind we noted earlier that 9 years from 1902 and 1920 also marked pivotal times, hence the Panic and the Depression.  We saw that 2028 comes with a retrograde Chiron (the healer is going backwards) in Taurus (Earth/Money) at 0 degrees, which sets the stage for similar events.
Based on this information, the 2020 Presidential Election will set us up for the supposed adverse financial events of 2028, but can it be avoided with proper foresight?

Every Number in Existence Adds Up to a Number Between 1 and 9, Hence 9 is the Mark of a Completed Cycle

That is unless you consider 0 or nothing to be a number, which it is not. 0 = manifestation. Therefore it seems that the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 9 mark specific and important cycles, one of which we just entered this year.  What do you think it will result in?

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