Chiron in Aries: When the Healer Enters Our Heads – Major Mental Health Reform is on the Way!

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Caviat: I am not a medical doctor or psychiatrist — I am a certified Spiritual Counselor and am addressing thoughts on what I consider to be a modern day crisis. If you feel you are dealing with mental health issues, please seek professional, medical attention immediately.


There is a New Modern Day Stigmata…

Loss of life from self harm is the #10 cause of death in America.

There exists a stigma in the minds of Western Civilization, and a bit of confusion, as to whether or not mental illness is a physical disease,  an emotional disease, a behavioral disorder, or a result of spiritual weakness. When members of our families are ill with known physical disease, we empathize with them and care for them by looking for the best medical doctors and specialists that we can find. However, when we are faced with mentally ill relatives or friends, our first response is typically to ask them to fix themselves or we sometimes even leave them to face their ills on their own when they require professional medical attention.

Accept the Truth About Mental Diseases.

Is it right to tell mental health patients that if they have more self-control, they will be okay; or if they give themselves to God, then everything will work out; that their ills have to do with something that they’re doing wrong in their lives? The answer is a resounding NO! We get upset when everything we have to do in our own busy lives is put on hold because someone we love has to be watched in order that they do not harm themselves; it is seen as more of an inconvenience with someone who does not want to face their own responsibilities than a service to someone who is sick. We have to see this in a different light, a chemical one that has to do with brain fluids, neurons, life stressors, trauma and individual predispositions for coping.

What About Attention-Seekers?

We sometimes assume that people are kidding or acting in order to get attention, to not receive full punishment for a crime or because they’re overly sensitive.  There are even a few that feel that people drive themselves insane by refusing to face reality and deal with life issues just like everybody else (yeah right).

Is There an Esoteric Reason for All These Mental Health Issues?

There has to be, but I think the true reasons are multifold, including biological and esoteric reasons. Perhaps the Western mental health crisis gained momentum as a result of a numerology quirk, with the number of zeros in the years following 2000 depleting energy in the bearers of those birthdays and in those alive during those years.  Maybe it even has to do with many more having the number ‘two’ in their birthdays or living in the energy of the number. Two is an intuitive number, but with no formal training on how to deal with the added intuition, it could make you (and your family) a bit uncertain. Perhaps Uranus’ passage through Pisces caused us to question our vision and spirituality, pushing us into an identity crisis. Maybe it has to do with chemtrails; the New Age awakening;  or derives from biological and genetic differences in the types of humans that are evolving in this day and time due to ozone changes. Maybe it is political or economic. Whatever the reason(s), asteroid Chiron still feels it necessary to enter our heads as the wounded healer and to address the ills in our brains.

What Does The Future Hold for the Current Mental Health Crisis?

I believe we will see marked improvements in the field and regulation of Mental Health within the next seven years as the wounded healer Chiron mandates that these changes be made public at this particular time juncture in order to accommodate the many who will need and use the services throughout the United States of America and in many other parts of the Western Hemisphere. Expect to see legislation in the upcoming elections that is geared toward financial expenditures that improve mental health systems in most states around the country, if not all.

Also expect significant changes in how behavioral problems are dealt with in local schools.  If you are a school counselor or children’s mental health professional, expect to be required to take more than usual classes and additional, required, continued education to prepare for the number of students that you will have to service and the new ways in which you will have to do it.

Pastors and spiritual workers will become mental health-focused as traditional churches empty out the usual crowds and redirect their attention, resulting in more ‘mindfulness’ healing, exploration into new philosophical ideas about Christianity and an expansion of social/recreational activities with less emphasis on formal religious services.

There Is a Time and Place to Deal With Everything Under the Sun, Including Mental Health!

The universal life structure (Higgs boson or whatever we will call it in seven years), along with numerological timing and the position that we find ourselves in with regard to Ascension and New Age topics, purposefully coincide with Chiron’s entry into Aries, which rules the things of the head, to include our brains. Many more dollars will be used to research the various causes of mental health issues, to include finding genetic markers to pinpoint the exact age in which mental health issues could take place. We will get into preventative care, specifically with regard to known life stressors, i.e. marriage, divorce, moves, new babies, Adolescence, serious illness, etc. This preventative care will also include expansions in the field of epigenetics as we seek to reverse genetic tendencies thereby eradicating the mental health  #epidemic.

Prepare for Chiron to expose these issues within our families, communities and churches, and be encouraged!  Though this may seem hard at first and is a MAJOR paradigm shift, it will set us up for healthier futures when well-being and mindfulness become the norm, more so than the exception.  

I implore you to invite Chiron into your homes willingly because if you fight him and pretend not to see the issues, He will create more problems than not, because Chiron did not enter Aries to be ignored, but to accomplish that which he has set out to do in our first houses.

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