Astrology: Which One Do I Choose for Marriage – Understand the Many Loves of Your Life

In a Typical Natal Chart There are Many Roads that Point to True Love!

Astrology enthusiasts make a beeline for the seventh house to determine who they are to marry, however this house can be quite misleading with regard to who you will really love. Natal charts are jammed pack with all kinds of information and certain aspects can be misleading.

For example, in many charts I see the spouse that a person has, however this may not be the person that they love or are attracted to, and many times it is the one who has the most lessons to learn from them! I have also seen where marrying the incorrect person (astrological archetype) can result in unions that last a short time or seem impossible to enjoy.

Then Who Am I Suppose To Choose?

It seems that we choose the lessons that we are to learn in this life prior to coming here, therefore many times we will be surrounded by our spouse-potentials whether we like them or not. If certain favorable planets like Venus and Jupiter are found near him/her then Kudos to you! You bargained with the Loa/Elohim for a fullfilling, long-lasting love, but if (s)he is found near planets like Saturn and far away from the aspects that would endear you to him or her, the relationship may have many unnecessary challenges.

What helps is when you at least know why you are surrounded by certain signs, then you know you can pick the best out of the bunch so that Pluto is disarmed and you come out on top! Additionally, by knowing what is going on with your chosen plan, you can reap the following benefits:

1. Saving time by choosing someone who has been ordained for marriage (to you) or

2. Choosing not to marry at all, but to partner with the person that will provide the most support and enjoyment, or

3. Realizing from past experience, which group your spouse should come from and choosing the best of the bunch!

Astrology books don’t tell you everything because many of them are written by novices who learned from other novices. Don’t waste time looking for marriage with someone who is only to be a lover/teacher/student.

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Many blessings!

Rev. Renee


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