For the Love of Virgo – Do It and Do It — NOW!

Take Advantage of this Moment Virgos!

Years ago I did a tarot reading for Virgos regarding what to expect for December 2016 and it was pretty heavy, however despite all of the responsibilities along Virgoan Rd., the Universe is always nice enough to hand us a reprieve and this time it is in the form of creativity and passion.

It’s not just about #creativity, but it is about fiery passionate phone calls, ideas, that are catapulted to the next level with a big fat “Parts of Fortune” placement, which will give lasting effects to each action. My advice is to get away from the hooplah, go to the bathroom, put the baby in the playpen, get quiet and let it flow.

Send hubby that juicy text that will help you have a great weekend!

Take advantage of the Energies available to you for love and relationship…..RIGHT NOW!

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Rev. Renee


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Renee Tarot

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