It’s Christmas — So What! This Post is NOT for People Who Have Perfect Holidays…and Other Intimations

Some of My Best Holidays Were By Myself

But I realize I’m not like most people.

I would send the kids off packing with their dad, and proceed to making myself a turkey with dressing, mac n cheese, greens, sweet potato pies….yes, all for me! It was the best time to work because I could comfort those who had been where I once was – believing I was suppose to have a commercialized holiday. Will he buy me a gift since we met after October? Is it too soon for us to spend the holidays together? How much should I spend? I know he has kids with his ex, but why are he and his ex acting like a family again? Will I be alone when 2018 turns into 2019, and if so, what does that mean for me? Let me look in the mirror and practice my smile if the small box is not an engagement ring. Yeah, I get it, the holidays can be a bummer.

New Loves for 2019 Don’t Have to Show Up on New Year’s Eve to be Great!

Prediction for those reading this post: Many of you who desire love, will meet these people in 2019 through friendships and at work. It may not be whirlwind like it was in 2018, but it will be like a slow drive to the end zone in American football. Get to know each other within the group, then make a decision to make it more private, then watch as well as pray. That’s how it will be done.

Are You One of the Ones Who Can’t Wait Until December 26th, January 2nd and February 15th?

I had plenty of days when I longed for the day after the holiday when everybody would act normal again, which is why you should look strangers in the eye and wish them a genuine Happy Holidays. In this world of online relationships, staged Facebook posts and fake friends, it is just as politically correct to ask people if they are visiting family for the holidays, as it is to ask them if they are pregnant. It doesn’t matter what they are doing unless you are planning to invite them over. Just wish them a happy holiday and keep it moving.

If You Think December 25 is Jesus’ Birthday, then the Rest of this Post is Not for You.

Yule is the time when we celebrate the shortest night of the year. It is the time when the days become longer and, figuratively speaking, a new child is born, the Maiden. The Maiden grows up to be the Mother (spring/summer), and then the days become shorter and we celebrate aging and maturity (the Crone), but somehow this all translated to Jesus’ birthday for christians in catholicsm’s attempt to revamp all pagan holidays to christian ones.

Whatever this season means to you, don’t let newscasts tell you where to shop or what to buy, and don’t let TV make you think less of yourself if you don’t have plans for the New Year.

Whatever you do for the holiday is fine because it is what YOU want to do as long as you are not hurting anyone else.
Be you, be happy, be hopeful!

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