Should NASA Consider the Astrological Planetary Energy of Mars Before Trying to Go There?

If Mars Makes Us Angry and Horny on Earth, How Will It Affect One Who Visits the Planet Itself?

Truly, Earth is an animal planet. It brings out our tendencies of defaulting to questionable actions for the sake of survival. We will eat each other in the absence of food. We are constantly at war with each other, in fact, it is likely that during the history of man, we have never NOT been at war. Humans have trouble with self control whether it be in dieting, sex, laziness, drugs, etc. I’d venture to say, if a human being is already present on Mars or on the Moon (likely under the surface), then those born in a month with Sun conjunct Earth, are probably a bit more bestial than their fellow counterparts.

Life on Earth isn’t easily, which is likely why the powers that be chose this place as a bastion for soul evolution. If the soul can evolve within the body of a beast, then how much more can it become when unencumbered by a physical body? For those who want to argue with me against the true nature of physical earth bodies, leave a human baby with a wolf, monkey or dog and see what they become.

The Red Planet is a Force to be Reckoned With!

Soon we will discontinue trying to build giant domes and vehicles in which to house civilisation on Mars and we will retrofit a certain breathing device inside the body to allow humans to live there unhindered. As genetic research develops, we will develop a type of humanoid who is genetically modified to live on the planet. We will herald the first child born on Mars and procreate planets much in the same way as the extraterrestrials did on Earth before us. How will these Martians treat earthlings and will their naturally aggressive natures cause us to regret the days where we tweaked their DNA to easily survive on their harsh martian terrain?

We have recorded thousands of years of astrological knowledge and planetary affect on humans who reside on Earth. Perhaps it is time to consider these records and how martian influences may affect machinery, astronauts, mathematical equations, science and the future humanoids who will reside there as a result of our current desire.

Featured picture: NASA’s new spacecraft, the Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (‘InSight’) recently landed on Mars. © NASA

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