Just How Powerful is Venus Retrograde? When Your Phone Calls Your Ex by Itself, Then You’ll See!

Venus is Powerful Because of How Close She Is to Our Planet!

Is your phone calling your ex love?

Is your ex love texting you after 2 years of no contact?

Are you and your present love fighting like cats and dogs?

Do you feel your twin flame or soulmate has finally appeared out of nowhere, and it feels like you’ve been together forever?

Sounds like you are experiencing the power of Venus retrograde, and her power depends upon how she is aspected with the planets in your natal chart, as well as her current cohorts and whether or not they make her happy or sad…….we’d better hope they make her happy!

Nasty Players in the Astral Game Can Influence Venus Retrograde to Act Like Mars Conjunct Pluto Conjunct the Sun!!!

When studying the charts of mass murderers, in addition to having screwed up 2nd houses, missing Suns in the 12th house and overly crowded 6th and 9th houses, you’ll find the following characteristics in their natal charts:

Suns or Ascendents in Fire Signs or they have a Fire Stelliums

Suns conjunct MC

Neptune, Pluto or Uranus in 6th House

Pallas in 4th House

Additionally, Ceres can be negatively affected with people or Aquarius or the 11th House and if Venus retrograde is anywhere near, woe beyond to everyone!

My suggestion is to make up your mind that you will NOT allow Venus’s bad side, who sometimes acts like Lilith on steroids, to mess up your day. NO! Your phone calling your Ex is not fate, it was Venus R so ignore it!

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source http://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/Rev_Renee/Just-How-Powerful-is-Venus-Retrograde—When-Your-Phone-Calls-Your-Ex-by-Itself–Then-You-39-ll-See/860718.aspx

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