Healed Heart, Happy Heart!

Intense Self-Care Leads to Love

Most of us have dealt with the bad break-up resulting from when we met that wrong someone (at an even worse time), but the chemistry still led us down the path of falling head over heals with a psychopath!

Yeah, I thought you’d remember!

And we asked ourselves questions like, “why me”; “what could I have done to make this work”; “is there a chance for us”; “why didn’t he/she just leave me alone in the first place?!?”

It Happened, Now What?

We can’t always understand why people do the things they do….motivations come from myriad sources to include childhood, parental influences, past hurts, mental issues, preference, etc. The key thing is to take good care of ourselves because the fastest way to a beautiful relationship is via a healed heart. When we take control of ourselves and our own healing, there is nothing that can keep us from love!

We can decide to leave or stay. We can continue forging ahead or just let go and realize the person we fell for was just a part of our soul group who agreed to help us learn something. Perhaps we need to hold on because there truly is a life-long connection to be made!

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