If You Are an Empath, You Must Manage Your Energy! How to Deal with Energy Snatchers and Vampires.

Sometimes Managing Your Energy is Easier Said Than Done!

To some extent we’re all empathic so this post will apply to a great number of people. I learned much too late in life that there are certain places that, when I visit, will zap my energy in half, and believe it or not, one of those places is church. Don’t know why, but for years I’d go to church and be tapped out like I’d been drugged on Monday morning. When I decided to discontinue attending this particular church on Sundays, I would pop up on Monday mornings like it was Thursday. Could be because many people come to church burdened down, could also be the vampiric spirits that people worship and call god….who knows?

All I can say is if you want to attend church, go to one that serves a benevolent God, and don’t assume that because the signpost has the term ‘God’ on it, that they really know who God is inside. Also, wear white or light colors to help to repel some of the energy….I now understand why they wore head coverings back in the day, even though a heavy wig could do the trick also.

Losing a Loved One to Death or Divorce Is Also An Energy-Snatching Situation!

When we lose someone we love, almost immediately we feel the loss of their energy that we fed off of while they were with us. Yes ma’am and yes sir, despite how toxic they were, you fed off of them. If we could see as we are seen, we’d notice that we kind of blend into each other as a large light, which is how we tap into psychic energy, which is directed by thought. It’s like the etheric/physical bodies are vehicles and our mind is the driver.

Therefore when someone purposes to leave us they take most of their energy with them so a break up or death can zap us out, more specifically a death because we can feel that the person is usually not near us.

We Must Learn to Deal with Energy Snatchers!

The following tips will apply to all of us that inevitably deal with situations, which act as parasites to our energy:

1. Use prayer and meditation to invoke protective energies to allay the strength of spirit moochers. It can come from any tradition as long as the mantra is stated with intent and purpose. For Christians, it may be the 23rd Psalm, and for non traditional pagans, it can be an incantation or statement of purpose using the help of ancestral or spirit guides.

2. Wear light colors or white and work to keep chakras balanced. White repels and black absorbs. When going into toxic meetings or situations, it is good to wear light colors to filter out much negative energy.

3. We must limit the amount of time we spend with energy-mooching people and ground ourselves afterwards by going out into nature, taking showers or indulging in spiritual baths, which include water that has been infused with protective, safe herbs and stones.

Keeping ourselves clear of toxic energy will help us live long, healthy, happy lives, and which also will raise our vibrations so that we don’t draw lower energies to ourselves.

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