Venus has Moved Into Pisces & Testifies to the Power We Have To Make Change Happen!

When Venus Moves Into Your Sign, She Does Not Guarantee that Love Rushes in Without Certain Other Prerequisites — One of Them Being Openness!

This past Saturday at 6:10 pm eastern, Venus moved into Pisces, with Neptune in the 7th and Chiron in the 8th. Venus has come to heal old wounds and bury the ‘love’ dead so that Pisces can move into a beautiful, passionate love life once again, but She won’t be here for long! Notice, at the same time Neptune was in the 7th house with Chiron not far behind and Venus hours away from the 7th when She entered 0 degrees — the place of the Tarot Fool. Also note that the numbers 6 + 10 = 16 = 7. This indicates an emphasis on contractural partnerships and relationships.

“But how does this all come about and where do I fit in?” You ask.

Where it really starts is with tolerance and being open to NEW BEGINNINGS, the effect of which draws others to you. Let’s say in the past few months you’ve been in a mood that caused you to want to be alone and away from the general public. You’re not up for being bothered, but suddenly, planetary energies shift due to Saturn’s call (timing) and you feel free, loving, open and READY! The Sun has come out once again to engage with you!

It is the same as wanting to be physically intimate with another person. There are certain things you do to indicate your readiness for physical intimacy, which includes but is not limited to, dressing in a way that shows off your assets, making calls to that special someone just to ‘hear his/her voice’, giving off that extra electricity that reaches out over the invisible airwaves to cause people to think of you or SEE you in a crowd. Then VOILA you are in the throws of physical ecstasy under a passionate full moon with serious music playing in the background. YOU made it happen!

This is Not the Time to Close Up Shop Pisces!

One thing we must realize is Hollywood has no master key to what happens in YOUR life! It matters not how old you are, as long as you are open to replenishment and rejuvenation by Love’s timing. We seem to be more receptive to bad news than we are to good tidings, but remember one thing. Life is an oval and the only thing that keeps death alive is our belief in it. Answer the call because the TRUTH is that it is YOU that makes life happen…, you’ve got the Energies available to make you want to.

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