How to Avoid Assassination from an Astrological Perspective

….Whoso findeth a wife, findeth a good thing and obtaineth favor of the Lord….

Astrologers spend inordinate amounts of time poring over charts looking for clues that help them identify life situations in natal charts — it’s not an easy job.  In preparation for my Astrology & Other Metaphysical Tools & Applications Class in October, I have been reviewing natal charts to use in preparation for some astrological aspects that will be discussed.  I stumbled upon an interesting find, which means the leading scripture to this blog should likely read Whoso findeth ‘the right’ wife

Various widows were used to corroborate this info to include:

Jackie O

Coretta Scott King

Ethel Kennedy

Mary T. Lincoln

Betty Shabazz

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The specific detail with regard to these widows is that all of their husbands were assassinated.  Here are some interesting finds in looking at planetary bodies or signs that are usually attributed to women.  Keep in mind, ALL of these women had the following aspects:

  1. Lilith was always in an Air or Water sign
  2. Pluto was always in a Water sign — To be fair, Pluto changes signs about every 21 years, only one of the women was born outside of a 21 year span from the others.
  3. Moon always makes strong aspect to Neptune or Pluto
  4. Ceres always makes hard aspect to good wife Juno OR aligns nicely with mean wife Lilith.

These finds are preliminary, so I welcome comments.  Obama made a wise choice in his wife because she has none of these aspects.  It appears some other presidents did as well. 😉




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