The 10 Ft Tall Woman, The Jaguar and the Chocolate Petits Four

Chocolate Petit FoursEarly this morning I had a dream that I was at a large university campus, similar to one that I had worked at in waking life. I was given a job, which I was sort of pleased with, and they were hiring another young African-American as well, I recall she had a puff ball hair style.

Our staff was comprised of three African-American women, a young African-American male, a career-type workaholic white woman, a man from the middle east and a white boss. Our boss introduced us to everyone and a smart-mouthed white man was standing along the hallway and said, “you guys have every religion represented here.” He then apologized when he saw a rep from HR had heard him.

After the introduction, I found myself in a bathroom stall and people I knew from other jobs kept walking by. The door to the stall was short so I could see over it. A white woman with a pixie haircut from my previous job, who was always very nice to me, arrived in the bathroom with her husband and began talking about dogs, which we always discussed in waking life. This woman is a recurrent figure in my dreams. I noticed one of her eyes was totally different than the other one. I reminded them that I was in the bathroom and would have to chat later. Her husband said they’d be out front.

After they left, the jaguar made its first appearance. Women were screaming, “it’s a cheetah,” however I knew it was a jaguar because cheetahs are taller, shaped differently, are not as dark and have long necks. The jaguar ran through and out of the bathroom, but I wasn’t afraid……..

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