#Gas #Prices Are Falling, But is that Really a Good Thing?

These days you have to be careful what you say and you have to respect EVERYBODY because people demand it.  I will not go into all the detail that you know I am capable of.  I just want to discuss and hear your opinions about something that I’ve noticed.

#Gas #Prices are Down

In the past few weeks I’ve gone to the gas pumps and seen where prices have miraculously dropped from close to $4 to close to $2 a gallon.  Usually, I just dum-de-dum to the gas station because I need gas and pay whatever the most reputable gas stations are charging.  It’s not like I can go and argue with the cashier.  I use to put $30 in my SUV and got a little over 1/2 a tank.  Yesterday I loaded up a big $25 and my tank was almost full.  Hmmmmm.  That is immediate #money in my pocket.  I like it.  I can’t help, but notice it.  Somebody’s losing money. Uh oh…..

#Freedom Ain’t #Free, #Benefits Cost and You Know It

I won’t tell you all my tricks, but NEVER look at things for what they are, unless they come from the mouth of a three-month old baby.  After that, even your toddler will start to pull your legs and try to manipulate situations.

When something happens in your neighborhood related to money, #interest #rates, #banking, or #energy, and it is pushed by #Corporate #America, you can best believe it has been thought out and approved by the #world #leaders.  It is not a lone decision.

My statement is this.  If through the power of #economics, you can lower my gas prices like you have by meeting with other OPEC countries, who by the way don’t trust each other; and by engineering fuel economy in #car production, and by having a military presence and negative-image campaigns in oil-producing #countries; then you can control everything I do, which is why freedom ain’t free and is pretty much non-existent.  Keep smiling at your goofy pics on social media and acting like you don’t know anything because….it’s safe.

One thing I do know is this, and my comments about other nations will be few.  Some groups of people, who shall remain nameless, are very, very, very, persistent in getting what they want to the point that they WILL get what they want.  These nations must respect each other.  You must read between the lines in the news media because they can’t hide anything because something else they say will review the truth.  Such is the nature of the #domino-effect.

#Preparation, #Planning, and #Projections

Last year, we got new #gas #lines on my street.  I found out which company was behind it and thought to myself, “they must have a huge budget and have done some major planning because this is a huge operation.  Early this year, I was thinking, I sure would like a gas oven and a gas furnace since these new lines are here.  It is now feasible because this lowering of #natural #energy prices makes it so.  I asked the workers who took over our streets installing this stuff during the summer, “What are you guys doing and why?”  They had very canned answers, but you can best believe,

…and these are my projections:

if Middle-Eastern, South-American, German and Asian oil-producing nation decide to keep producing oil and not limit production so that they can save their profits, and

If they do not completely cooperate with OPEC, because they feel some other nations do not keep their end of the bargains anyway, and

If America has started to increase oil and natural gas production and spent all this money putting in new lines, etc.,

Then ALL of us will be using a whole lot of natural gas in the near future and I will have my new stove and heater (WHETHER I WANT IT OR NOT), and,

You can best believe that your electric cars and hybrids are going to quickly turn into natural gas powered cars or ones that use batteries that are refillable with some engineered rendition of natural ‘shale’ gas.  I don’t know if this is possible, but there’s a plan…..you can best believe it. And you don’t have much say in this plan other than to hope and pray that it benefits you now and in the long-run.  And by the way, you’ll probably need one of these:


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