Twitter Hacked and Announcements of World War III are False

Reports have come in that the New York Post and UPI Twitter accounts were hacked very recently and an unauthorized announcement was made on Friday, January 16, 2015 with false claims of the start of World War III. The hacker claimed the pope made the announcement about the start of war and the hacker also claimed that Chinese navy vessels allegedly fired on U.S. ships in the South China Sea.

These announcements have been contained and refuted on Twitter, where they started. All I could think about was “Olivia Pope”, but I digress.

The announcement about whether or not the Chinese fired has NOT yet been refuted as far as we can confirm.  Officials have spoken around the topic saying that the US warship was at port, but did not confirm the time of the docking.  They also confirmed that a war, that is officially called World War III, had not started.  Back to your cubicles.


The Battle for #SocialMedia Dominance – How will #Google and #Facebook Compete?

It really doesn’t matter how many networks are out there if they ALL suck….not saying that they do, but focus on the real competition…RTI’d like to see the following simple list on one social media platform: Continue reading The Battle for #SocialMedia Dominance – How will #Google and #Facebook Compete?