#Hidden #Enemies


If you follow this blog, you are very likely an intelligent homo sapiens sapiens who may sometimes find it difficult to relate to the ordinary Joe Blow.  These people’s lack of vision, aptitude, independence, character, and honesty may sometimes leave you feeling like a winded alien in a foreign wilderness.  You wonder how anyone can spend time with ‘Joe’ or find value in the things he has to say.  However there is one thing that you must keep in mind. There are more of them than there are of you and they don’t really like you either.

Vibrational Level, DNA and Genetic Research

I think that the money we spend on research of certain things like the Human Genome Project tells us far less than would research on vibrational  level / energy.  Typically, the higher the vibration you have, the more evolved you are as a soul.  Also, your spirit has probably been in a bird, bat, black person and asian so it does not matter how long the current blood line has been in existence because you’ve probably been more than one race in your soul evolution and the main bloodline is the one called Earth.  Also if we perfect our knowledge of vibrational energy, we can rid ourselves of all disease, prisons, mental illness and poverty.  Let’s stop wasting our time on the physical, which is just the afterthought, but as usual, I digress.

Some of them want to use you.

There are people who will assume you think you are better than them, because you do think that based on what you have observed of them and as it relates to your preferences. HOWEVER the terms ‘better’, ‘good’, ‘bad’ are all relative because everyone has different tastes and apparently the ALL / UNIVERSE has determined each of us animals have a right to exist so none of has the right to demean, just to get away from and protect ourselves based on a fair and equitable definition of the word ‘protect’.
These people will act as if they want to be around you and they will actually INITIATE much of the contact, however you will find that when you confide in them, things tend to go wrong because of the energy they send your way and all the talking behind your back.
Also, when you look at their lives, things hardly ever go well for them and the people they hang around, you would not dream of associating with.  Be careful with this type person.  Many times they want to be around you to see what they can get from you.  If you find yourself asking the question over and over again, “Why am I dealing with this person” you probably should not be dealing with them.
Additionally, as much as I love Gaia (Earth), her energy is raw and her natives can be also, meaning if they justify within themselves that you are a threat to their existence, you are toast and with no remorse, but with self-justified satisfaction.

Some of them want to be used by you.

Perhaps these people are not enemies, as much as they are parasites, however being around parasites can be very draining and you run the risk of losing so much of your natural energy that you become just like them or the stress of dealing with them could kill you (aka bleeding you dry).  Additionally, what they promise is nowhere near what they expect from you (even though they will think it is), however you as a rational being will be patient to collect on love, help, support, etc., and will find that you never receive it, which could leave you very bitter.  Please don’t forget who you are and NEVER depend on parasites for emotional support because you will be left like a floundering fish washed ashore by the sea.  Be wise about who you extend charity to.  You are not Mother Teresa or Gandhi (unless they reincarnated in your body).

Some of them want to abuse you.

Animals.  Literally animals.  Now, that is not a bad thing because animals are extremely intelligent however interaction with them must be limited and have boundaries, in my opinion.  It seems to me, that actual furry, animals have more control, intelligence and constraint than people who have a high level of whatever makes an animal an animal.  The hybrid mix can be deadly.  A pitbull will protect a small baby that it loves, but you can leave your baby with some people and the child will be abused or killed — it’s weird.
These APs (animal people) are kind of sexy at first because they seem to be so in tune with their animal needs and they are highly sexual, but BEWARE.  Dating or marrying these people can be deadly to you and your children and you cannot reason with them because they are a different kind.  STOP THINKING THAT EVERYONE THAT LOOKS HUMAN IS THE SAME AS YOU — THEY ARE NOT and we are not stamping animal percentages on foreheads of newborns at this time!
At the same time Homo Sapiens Sapiens (those with less animal tendencies) are masters at manipulation.  They are high level creatures that will out think the best of us and will have a five year master plan for you when you just met them.  We are now experiencing their plan for the earth and some of these atrocities are being intricately planned out for various purposes and reasons and most of us are on a ‘don’t need to know’ basis about.  Some of you are being manipulated like pawns on a chessboard for other’s purposes, however there are ways to deal with this, which I choose not to make public at this time.

Some of them want to be abused.

We’ve all met them. That strange masochistic person who somehow finds pleasure in pain, whether it be physical or emotional (it’s actually a variation of a need for attention, but I discuss that in my booklet, The Positive Thinking Workbook, [ad] by Renee Tarot, which is available on Amazon.  Actually, if you are not hurting them, they will turn around and start abusing you – LOL!!!!  In many cases, these people are environmentally trained to love abuse because their sustenance came from an abusive person so they learned to love it because WE ALL love sustenance — weird, the human mind.  I consider them to be enemies because their allowance of your abusiveness toward them, could get you into trouble with other people or the Universal Energy (which does have a mind), additionally you will not be challenged because as long as you are being abusive, these people never challenge you, which hinders your soul evolution, which is the reason we’re here.
Hope this helps!

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