What I Learned from the Parents of Lizzie Velasquez

Sometimes I can be really hard on my boys, as I am the consummate perfectionist……and they’re boys!  We have to be careful how we rear our children as what we do could create a very powerful personality.

My Love for Astrology and Similarities with Lizzie

Astrology has been a passion of mine since I was a child, and even though initially I was versed only in sun sign philosophy, the beauty and art of the science grew up in me to expand to birth charts, planetary placements, nodes, etc.

I am really late in that I just heard the story of Lizzie Velasquez, however, we have some things in common:

  1. We are both Pisceans!
  2. We both have Jupiter in Gemini!
  3. We both have stelliums (Four or more planets in one house.)

I hope that my love of astrology can somehow help to get her story to more people — let’s get started.

Caviat – Please keep in mind that my astrological interpretations are my own and may go against conventional norms, seeing they are mostly intuitive.

Powerful Love

Lizzie’s Chart
Lizzie Velasquez

The first thing that stood out to me was the illustrious Sun and beautiful Venus dancing together with the politician Pallas in the 10th house of career, which also doubles as a house of motherhood or parents.  Not only are her parents her strongest advocates, their love for her is immutable and is as real as it gets.

Pisces offers its healing and peaceful influences in the house of her career, but also straddles the fence and leans into the 9th house with speaking ability (Mercury) and the North Node, where she is headed or her destiny.  Despite any physical challenges, Jupiter the great influencer, decided to join with Gemini to give her a hefty dose of brains and comedic timing for use in her public speaking and writing.  She is the consummate communicator and writer, who will inspire millions in teaching them the best way to love.  It would not surprise me one bit if she could also sing.

In order to be the star that she is, the Universe gave Lizzie a hefty dose of familial roots and momma is there again.  Lilith is there, but is transformed by Parts of Fortune and Zeus in the house of Virgo so that she has become the motivator and the one that will NOT let you fall, EVER!  Actually, it is more like “will not allow you to fall”  lol!

I know that Lizzie has suffered at the hands of bullies and shallow, uninformed people, and the 12th house moon proves that, however Mars has undergirded Jupiter in Gemini, most likely because he did not have a choice due to the 10th and 4th house placements of parental strength and love.  She will remain strong, she will overcome, and the love of her family will be the wings that she rides on….it will never fail.

Love your children and support them, no matter what, because you are co-creators with them in their destiny!

Other Interesting Notes

Lizzie has an interesting and full 7th house!  I’ve seen the energies of Neptune misbehave and have gotten to know him as a bearer of unwanted issues, when he is unchecked.  Uranus playing out there with him will require some discipline, but the best disciplinarian, Chiron the Healer is busy in the first house, keeping Lizzie ready and willing to embrace the public.  The Universe felt Chiron was best needed there.  I am hoping that Saturn, with the orderliness of Capricornian energies, will force the two mischievous entities into submission and bring Lizzie life long, strong love, using the Uranus energy to bring a pleasant surprise and the Neptunian energy to help her to realize her dreams!

Good Luck in all of your endeavors Lizzie and great job Mom and Dad!





Help Wanted: More Love

 Quotes About Love

Love’s power is in the fueling of another’s life or #chi / #ase, which comes back to the sender for a never-ending cycle of power for living.


Love is when my kitty and my Shih Tzu fight over personal space, which turns into licking each other’s ears then taking a nap together.

Love is hope that no matter what you see in a person, you say what you hope to see until it manifests.


Love is when you and your friends decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day……again……for a week……in the middle of July.


Love is the smile a child gives to his mom when she serves him beans and he knows that she knows he wants a hot dog, but she doesn’t have a job….it’s his/her way of saying, “It’s okay mommy.  I understand, and I still want to be with you.”


Love is when a wife receives a negative doctor’s report and she goes from denial, to anger, to depression, to acceptance……..and her husband is still there three years later with toast and eggs on Saturday morning.


Love is when a husband becomes excited just watching how his wife takes out the trash. (I don’t know, it just came to me, but that would be real love… LOL!)


Love is when someone keeps failing, and you get more determined with each failure that they WILL win vs giving up on them!


Love is when a kid chews his pencil eraser during a test, then thinks of the motivational speech his dad told him at soccer practice and the answer he couldn’t think of suddenly comes to him.


Love is when you stop listening to a person’s voice and hear their heart.


Love is when perfect masculine energy combines with similar feminine energy to form nirvana.


These quotes may be shared throughout the world to promote a higher energy level, which is much needed these days!  


#Hidden #Enemies


If you follow this blog, you are very likely an intelligent homo sapiens sapiens who may sometimes find it difficult to relate to the ordinary Joe Blow.  These people’s lack of vision, aptitude, independence, character, and honesty may sometimes leave you feeling like a winded alien in a foreign wilderness.  You wonder how anyone can spend time with ‘Joe’ or find value in the things he has to say.  However there is one thing that you must keep in mind. There are more of them than there are of you and they don’t really like you either.

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