What New Astrological Knowledge Have You Uncovered?

Astrology is 1000s of Years Old. Can Anything New be Added?

The study of the stars as they relate to human tendencies may be older than man, himself, however the records of Babylon is what we date back to. It has taken a while to observe the planets, stars, sections of the sky or houses, etc. Can anything new be added? This entry will express personal observations as it relates to what was revealed in recent readings and lives studied. It could be true there is nothing new to add to Astrology, however these personal discoveries were new to our editors and did not go along with the status quo books studied.

Hopefully they will be new to you also and will spark you to note new discoveries in the field. Leave a comment to let us know what you discovered.

How Does Saturn Act Like a Guilty Conscious and Trick You Into Doing What You Don’t Want To?

My studies of Saturn reveal some of the general teachings around him: He is the paternal influence, Father, Jailer, Enforcer, etc. Planets act differently depending upon who they are with, where they are placed and the direction traveled. In this case I refer to Saturn in direct and reverse motions.

When traveling direct, Saturn can be a guilty conscious. The Universe is mostly neutral, meaning you can get away with a lot of things before you are chastised. Typically, if you have a good reason for doing something, and you feel good and mentally clear about your decision, your energy will shift so that all of life around you will go with what you chose. Saturn binds us together NOT because of His bands, but because of your guilt, which is amplified in His presence. It is similar to when your teacher was there and you did not realize it or if the police approach you. You immediately think you have done something wrong, even when you were only sitting still. This is the Saturn Effect. If Saturn sits strongly in a specific house in your natal chart, you will always have to be easy on yourself in that area.

“What if this is an area for which I am paying from a previous life?” Most likely it is for you to get over and to forgive yourself in this life vs being punished.

Husbands and wives with Saturn in their 7th house synastry may really not be emotionally moved by each other…….at all……but will find reasons to stay together due to some energetic guilt that keeps them obligated. If they are to overcome the influence, it is typically after at least 20 years of marriage with children well into their late teens or grown. Saturnal energies have gone unfettered and unchallenged for millenia causing the creation of unethical laws based on the lawmaker’s guilt. Astrologers report to us the typical feelings associated with planetary alignments, but these energies are no more binding than if your neighbor who is also a thief, stops by to influence you to help them rob a bank. Their astrology is at your door, in front of you, you can feel it, but you don’t have to rob the bank because you know better.

We must all learn the Houdini tricks of the Universe to get ourselves unfettered from unnecessary saturnal energy.

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Is it Necessary for Husbands to Love in the Way You May Think of Love? HELP WANTED FOR MARRIAGE: VENUS NOT ELIGIBLE

I’ve had many women to come to me to see if their partner really loves them. They want to know if their boyfriends will marry them. Venus, the planet of love, is less involved in marriage than Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. If that man, in any way, thinks you need him and is someone who wants to care for others and is a hard, capricornian worker, there is more of a likelihood of marriage than if he cried with love everytime he sees you. Believe it or not, men run in fear when you make them cry or feel too vulnerable — they don’t like being out of control. What Venus or love brings is a lot of emotion and deathbed memories, but someone totally different is actually the one sitting at your bedside.

Brains May Exist in Your Body Where Ever Gemini Is.

Some of you swear you have brains in your arms and thighs, but for many others it is cellulite. However, YOU could be right if Gemini sits in the houses that rule these body parts. You will be able to do more than the average person when you use these body parts that hold your natal Gemini, specifically if it is conjunct Jupiter or the Sun.

How can brains be in other parts of your body besides your head? If not the identical brain tissue, most definitely neurons, the great communicators, can be. Have any of you ever experienced a loss of memory or cognitive ability after liposuction or surgery? Did you surgically remove an area where Gemini resides in your chart? Astrology is needed in medicine to save lives. If only the Georgia guide stone creators would allow it, but they won’t due to their 500,000,000 world population desires…a virtual death wish for most in the world.

Pisces Doesn’t Care About You As Much As You Think She Does. MUST READ

Pisces people usually come to Earth as old souls. They are not particularly nice — they are evolved and certain things they take for granted as universal order. People think this means they are stoics or martyrs because they work with the situation for so long. They are not. Pisces can be slow accepters of truth in that they honestly do NOT believe the person they are dealing with can be that stupid so they keep telling themselves they are not experiencing this, it must be in their heads. However, once a Pisces realizes that the person really is who they are portraying to be, Pisces will bounce, leave, jet, break camp, etc., and NEVER look back.

How Does Cancer Really Feel About Their Family?

I know you thought Cancer really and truly loves your soul. You thought that because you told someone that and you are a Cancer. It is not intense love that Cancer feels. What they do experience is the following:

  1. They have suffered loss in their soul existence and don’t want to suffer again. This causes them to avoid relationship disruptions at all cost.
  2. They have great fears of being alone, when they are not in hermit mode.
  3. Cancers OWN and if you are their family, they OWN you.
  4. Cancers get highly emotional, meaning they get totally unlike themselves and can’t remember what they did while they were emotional. Cancers fear their out of control sides. Therefore Cancers don’t like emotion so they can avoid it by stopping any familial upset — therefore they do.
  5. If Cancers like having sex with you, they sometimes think that is love.

Sorry Cancers, but someone had to tell the truth. We love you guys! [hugz]

Is Scorpio in Your 8th House Due to a Perpetrator, a Demon or is it You?

It could be all three, especially for Scorpio stelliums.

For many years I have watched desperate and inconsolable Scorpios fight their inner demons, blame their parents and resist suicidal ideations. They expressed how much they dislike themselves and feel they must avoid people. They dream of killing you during sex; they get in their cars and stalk you for years after a break up [yep, they were the old lady in dark shades at your wedding]; they are too embarrassed to ask you to invite those donkeys into the bedroom.

I am not saying all Scorpions have the max degree of these perversities, unless, of course, they are 8th house Scorpions. If you are one of these Scorpions, with a Scorpion stellium in the 8thm don’t blame it on the Sunshine, the Moonlight, the GoodTimes — blame it on the Boogie.

Also, you should thank heaven and Earth that Scorpions are fiercely stubborn and control themselves as well as they do because if they let loose, every night would be the purge.

Favor Ain’t Fair, Especially with a 10th House Sun.

It would be difficult to count how many 10th house suns find fame in this world. It is so unfair that these ‘lucky’ ones just show up on a jacked up YouTube video with bad lighting and sound, but still get 10,000 likes in two months or less. They have the IT factor which does not require you to be particularly talented, only to have the right birth time. It is so upsetting when folk say all you have to do is work for it and your Sun is buried in the 4th house.

For those of you who are envious of 10th house Suns, don’t be. They go through a lot in life because the Sun is not shining in any of those other houses, besides career and the public.

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