How to Claim Territory and Plant Your Feet | Life Advice

You Have to be Bold With It and Know That You Know That You Know IT’S YOURS!

One of my favorite sacred passages that I refer to time and time again is in the Bible in Numbers 13:30.

Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.”

In the original text, the name Caleb means ‘dog’. Likely, he did not consider himself to be of the elite class, but he was a believer so all he had to stand on was his God. He was an adult of about age 40, who went with Joshua to spy out land they said their God had promised them. The land was filled with grapes, milk and honey, and the spies came back and reported the sons of Anak still lived there and the Annunaki descendants were giants. How could grasshoppers conquer giants with extraterrestrial ancestry? Read more for life advice that can catapult you to the next level!

That dog Caleb shut them down quickly, and not only that, according to the story, God promised to kill all of the scared adults [grasshoppers] and only the children and Caleb and Joshua could get to the promised land.

Then on top of that, bold Caleb, according to Joshua 14:7-14, had to wait 40 more years in the wilderness for all those old grasshoppers to die off, but when they did, he told the people, even at age 85 he was going to conquer some of the toughest, meanest, biggest giants and get one of the sweetest pieces of land — and he did get his mountain! This means those giants had a strategic piece of land, but they, with their forts and mountainous strongholds, could not do anything with that 85-year-old dog named Caleb because he believed what his God had promised him.

I still get chills when I read Caleb’s words and use them as life advice for myself, even today.

Now Go and Take Your Territory Like Caleb Did!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a house, a piece of land, a job, your wayward kid, your marriage, whatever. If your God / Goddess be for you, who can be against you! Yep, it may take a bit of determination, extra energy, magick, prayer, ancestral interference, favor from the Orishas, whatever, however the life advice today is you can do it with help, or by your own grit and belief in yourself, but before you start you must have an intense determination and a universally legal claim to what you want. I did not say a country’s legal claim, I am referring to a claim of the wild.

Be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove, at least until it’s time to be a dog.

Sometimes you are taking it from a grasshopper who is too afraid to exercise their rights, and you can get the grasshopper’s stuff too because life loves strength; fortitude; determination; perseverence; positive thoughts and confession, and the weaklings will not make it….so sorry to have to tell you this life advice.

Don’t believe it?

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Try taking a steak bone from a wild wolf.

Now tell all those grasshoppers and giants to get the the sluck out of your way!

It is so, Amen, Selah, Ase and Abracadabra!

Written by Renee Tarot, Author of “Embracing the Darkness” on Amazon.

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