My Love/Hate Affair with Being a Pisces

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I Want to Not Care.

I admire Sagittarians and Capricorns who can make quick decisions and move on. They don’t care whether or not the person in question will change. They don’t care whether or not the situation will improve in 27 years. They gave it a few tries, now they’re done, that’s it!

One of the greatest quotes an exasperated Capricorn said to me was, “Don’t ever second guess yourself!”

That is so admirable.

I Hate Overthinking Things.

“But what if he changes?”

“Maybe I’m being too hard on them.”

“Let’s see how they improve in five years.”

“Everybody needs space. He’ll call in a week or two.”

“What if it were me needing help?”

“She has a split personality, but I get along with some of them.”


I See You, I Mean Really I Do!

I love being able to truly understand what you are saying and to truly feel love for all followers, subbies, etc.

Love makes me cry and when you’re sad, it wakes me up at night and I cry with you until you feel better, then I feel better and sleep like a log with a smile on my face.

Best Zodiac Chart Ever – The One I Wish I Had!

Sun in Capricorn

Moon in Aquarius

Mercury in Pisces

Mars in Libra

Venus in Cancer

Jupiter in Taurus

Saturn in Pisces

Uranus in Virgo

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Pluto in Capricorn

Numerology Destiny # – 4

Capitalize and expand on all the best parts of yourself!

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2 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Affair with Being a Pisces”

  1. Funny, lol. I did my youngest child’s chart this morning and she has a lot of planets in Aquarius and Pisces. OMG I was like PISCES!!!!! Oh my Lord, she really is sensitive and all this time I thought she was manipulating. Sun AQ Moon AQ Asc Sag Ven AQ Mercury and Mars Pisces….my LAWD! What is gon’ do??? 😆


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