How to #Manifest Your #Desires

Original excerpt from the book The Mystic by Ms. Renee Tarot on Amazon!  Links to this and other books by Renee Tarot are available on the side bar.  Everyone has a desire to manifest their dreams into reality. Do you have to be a person with special gifts in order to do this?  I don’t think so.

Science and Magic

As a kid, I remember seeing a movie showing a prehistoric man lighting a fire and all the other cavemen were standing by gasping in awe.  Needless to say, the fire starter became the medicine man for the tribe.

I thought it was ridiculous that people would think making fire was magic.  The point I am making is the gap between science and magic is shrinking.

I Am Invisible
At least I am invisible to someone who is physically blind OR to someone who is not blind, but in the dark. But that does not mean that I am not here.  The same thing goes with all things that you cannot see with your naked eyes.  It does not mean they are not here.  The question remains, how do we see them with our natural eyes?

Give Me Hope

Sounds simple doesn’t it, but without hope, you can have nothing. Even negative stuff is manifested when you focus on it too much. My definition of hope is “an individual’s internal true desire to see a particular circumstance OR an individual’s pure expectation or focus on something they do not want to happen.”  Hope works both ways because the creative energy knows what you see in your mind’s eye.  It doesn’t care whether or not you want what you see.  Take my advice, don’t visualize your spouse having an affair unless that is what you want to happen!

If you have no expectation or desire, you get nothing.  It’s as simple as that.  Our hope is the fertilizer that infuses life into all of the universal seed.  The key to hope is visualization by the soul.

I See It Now

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I can’t see myself doing that.”  If they are telling the truth, and not just bluffing, you can rest assured they won’t ever do it.  Science has explained physical sight, as the method by which light or photons bounce from our eye lens to our brain, or something like that.  But you can also see with your eyes closed or in your dreams in the dark.  How is this possible when there is no light?

There is an internal you that lives inside of the you that most people see.  This you is a copy, of sorts, of the physical you.  It may not have blond hair, or black eyes, but it is your thought, your mind, your consciousness, all that is you, which is not physical.  Let’s call this entity, your other self.  Your other self can hear, see, smell, taste and exists, just like you do.  It is the eternal part of you, made of what we call ether, which today is highly immeasurable by scientific tools.  Your other self knows everything.  Your other self sees, what your physical eyes cannot see.  It hears the thoughts of others that are unspoken by the lips, teeth and tongue.  Have you ever stood in front of someone that was lying to you and heard in your head the exact truth they were not saying?  If this has ever happened, your other self is hearing the other person’s other self OR a third self (spirit) is telling your other self what that person is not physically revealing.  Whew…that was a mouthfull.

In the same way, the other self, which sees what you cannot, uses an unexplained energy, each time it sees. If it sees too many times, the energy becomes so strong, that it sets certain events into motion until you also can physically see it!  Unfortunately, we are so physical, that sometimes our other self is completely shut out and totally asleep.  The key to manifestation is to live WITH your other self and foster their existence and growth.

I See All

This explanation has become much longer than I intended.  I wanted to give you a few brief ways that you can use to manifest your dreams and one of those ways is to learn to quiet your mind. Begin using guided meditations to develop your inner voice and sight. This will also help you to learn to relax and focus on the items or situations to be manifested.

Purchase a deck of tarot cards and study the symbolic pictures.  Write down what you see in a journal and watch how interpretations of each card develop.

Be careful  of what you say!  If you hear yourself say the wrong thing too many times, your other self will start to see it, even if you don’t want it to.

Learn to love.  Persons who do not love cannot expect to receive love, no matter how much they want it.

Also, when it comes to love,  familiarize yourself with Universal Laws.  Some of you will learn on your life path — others will learn about these laws through books written by those who have already experienced them (no need to reinvent the wheel).  Working with the Universe makes it much easier to manifest the things you really desire.

Purchase a set of multicolored candles. Choose a candle in the color that matches what you are manifesting, i.e. pink for love and green for money.  Use a natural oil to anoint the candle and a scriber or pin to inscribe into the candle what you intend to manifest. I like to speak over the candle and let it sit for a couple of days before using it.  In my mind, this is a sign of consecration since the candle may have recently passed many hands to get to you. Light the candle and meditate on your desire as you look into the flame.  Remember to snuff out the flame as oppose to blowing it out.  Some say that doesn’t matter.  I see it as a sign of reverence.  Congratulations, you’ve just done candle magic!

I hope this information helps you to manifest your deepest desires.


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