Netflix | The Chilling Tales of Sabrina Season 3 Review (Spoiler Alert)!

SPOILER ALERT: I am a fan of the series despite all of my dislikes. I fell in love with the series starting with Season 1.  Here’s a bit about how I feel about the show.  Enjoy!

Acting, Cinematography and Set are Nice.  This Series has Big Screen Potential!

I liked the cinematography, occult theme and acting in all seasons. Season 3 seemed to have a lot of writers (or alters of one person writing) and storylines got a little confusing, specifically with all the time travel. It’s like they were passing off the story line to the next writer and then going all in with a new storyteller in a stream of consciousness type way so it did not always make sense. A brief showing of what year the scene depicted would have helped. I can’t even tell what year this series is written for — is it the 1950s? And what country is it suppose to be in, the US or Europe? Even fictional cities need a location on earth.
I also did not understand the coven looking for someone to worship with no true reason to do so like no real alliances with Deity. It was like, “let’s do this to get power — oh, that didn’t work, we’ll try this — oops that went wrong, now what?”
This series has big screen potential with the correct story lines, financial backing. and a big name or two

Who Has the Power?

Who had the real power? Was it the Green Man, Pan, the Dark Lord, Sabrina, Lilith, Hecate, The Nazarene, who???? I think people are looking for the ultimate Power, like something within Dark Matter or some Deity that has been with an entire bloodline or even the Primordial Waters….SOMETHING BIG AND ULTIMATE. I’m into One World Order myself, at least for 2000 years…lol.
Despite this, I hope for another season where the themes are deeper, the sets are less Addams Family-like and more Practical Magickish and new less caracature-like people are introduced. This series appeals to people of all ages so any added music needs to be good in order not to look like a joke.

Where is the Series Headed To?

An Annunaki/Pleidian/Science Power would be nice. I’d even welcome another rebellion in Heaven with a 2nd Dark Lord (he needs to come with his own ancient text and a sacred mountain or lair). And as the storyline veers off in different branches, which is fun to see, we still have to be affected. Who cares about the Weird Sisters?
The card reader at the circus was a force, so they should have kept her either to start her own group; begin a love interest with Father Blackwood to help train his kids; or to join with the witches.
They could have done more with Prudence’s younger siblings, like let them break out and begin to discover their own source of Power. They looked to be approaching their preteen years of rebellion.

Hone that Storyline!

I do like the way Harvey and Roz ignored all obstacles to their love, however I wondered how Theo and the hobgoblin would actually have sex, especially with Theo being intersex. They definitely left that one to our imaginations…lol.  I guess that’s PG-14 for ya.
This season showed the many directions that could be taken, but writers need to decide on a few storylines, take their time with them and let us get familiar and invested enough to care what happens. Thanks for listening!

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