Netflix | The Chilling Tales of Sabrina Season 3 Review (Spoiler Alert)!

SPOILER ALERT: I am a fan of the series despite all of my dislikes. I fell in love with the series starting with Season 1.  Here’s a bit about how I feel about the show.  Enjoy!

Acting, Cinematography and Set are Nice.  This Series has Big Screen Potential!

I liked the cinematography, occult theme and acting in all seasons. Season 3 seemed to have a lot of writers (or alters of one person writing) and storylines got a little confusing, specifically with all the time travel. It’s like they were passing off the story line to the next writer and then going all in with a new storyteller in a stream of consciousness type way so it did not always make sense. A brief showing of what year the scene depicted would have helped. I can’t even tell what year this series is written for — is it the 1950s? And what country is it suppose to be in, the US or Europe? Even fictional cities need a location on earth.
I also did not understand the coven looking for someone to worship with no true reason to do so like no real alliances with Deity. It was like, “let’s do this to get power — oh, that didn’t work, we’ll try this — oops that went wrong, now what?”
This series has big screen potential with the correct story lines, financial backing. and a big name or two Continue reading Netflix | The Chilling Tales of Sabrina Season 3 Review (Spoiler Alert)!