March of the African Gods

1 african godsLast night I dreamt that the African Gods marched down the streets of America.  It was a majestic walk that included both male and female gods in their giant forms, with royal Afghan-like dogs on leashes.  One god, who seemed bigger and fiercer than the others, marched with a giant crocodile on a leash, and there was no doubt that he had complete control of the animal. Somehow I knew I was not to address Him.

afghanI spoke with Ogun and asked a favor of him, which he granted me. I knew it was Ogun and the favor concerned my dog, which had been injured in the dream.  I asked Ogun to rescue him, which He did, and then the giant God laid him gently on the beach to be healed by the ocean waters.

The Gods walked with other types of giant hounds on leashes, ones I’d never seen before, similar to Afghans, but with robotic-like faces from another world.  Royal hounds, which seemed to embody certain traits that the Gods themselves portrayed, and their ability to control the giant dogs, spoke to their fortitude and fierceness.

It was amazing to see.


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Renee Tarot

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