Dream Log: A Night of Horses

Hi Dreamers,

Though I’ve had quite a few dreams recently, I have not posted all of the ones that I thought significant, but this one was so real that I wanted to share. BTW, dreams of horses indicate a variety of things pertaining to life to include the need for freedom, sexuality, and prosperity.


My backyard was filled with white and brown winged horses, along with a ‘celestial’ horse trainer who looked Native American.  The horses were beautiful, big, healthy and ready to engage in flight.  I allowed one of my astral sisters to go first, quite honestly because I was afraid of being in the air with nothing, but a saddle and reins.

After she did so well, I mounted a white winged horse, but before I did, he flew up to my patio deck, and I took his face between my hands and nuzzled him.  He was so gentle and real, and I felt the winged horse was a ‘he’ vs a ‘she’.

There were other large winged animals back there also, being raised (some of which I’d never seen before), and I was taken to another dream with even more horses, huge, muscular and strong, running together on a cliff, up a mountain, sure-footed, confident and free.



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One thought on “Dream Log: A Night of Horses”

  1. I still vividly remember a dream I had about 20 years ago having to do with horses. In the dream someone was riding the horse, and it was my turn, and I was so excited to get up on it, but I suddenly woke up, on the verge of tears having missed the ride, (okay maybe I was crying, but only slightly). This post reminds of a dream I had just a few nights ago; I entered some twilight/hills have eyes town, and the locals were gathering around me in an intimidating way, when suddenly a gigantic horse/buffalo hybrid appeared a few feet away, with weird, wide eyes about twice as wide as a regular horses, except elliptical in shape. I grabbed his rough mane to escape from the towns inhabitants, but switched dreamscapes as that happened. Thought of writing a short story about it : )


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