Another Year is Almost Gone. What Will We Do With the Next One?

Today, I called my ex and told him that I, in no uncertain terms, did not want to take any more negativity into another year because, quite honestly, I’m tired of fighting.  Luckily, he agreed wholeheartedly.

The Veil Between the Seen and Unseen is Thinner than Ever.  Be Careful About What You Manifest.

Remember when we lived in utter darkness and had no clue about what reality was actually made of?  Now I am beginning to realize that even those things I think or dream about are showing up in my day to day reality.  What this means is I realize that my word is a mirror of me, so if I curse you, I curse myself.  Yes, I was angry and felt certain people were unfair to me, but the cost of hate is too high a price for me to pay.  I’m not one of those mushy, love gurus who try to pretend that everything in the world is some aspect of love.  I don’t believe that.  However, I do believe in justice, fairness and good, common sense.  Also, I know a secret.  If I hate one man, all the others will somehow get the memo that I hate them too.

Hatred is a Form of Fear that Stems from Anger At Circumstances that Have Resulted from Our Own Personal Weaknesses.

When I look back at my life and all of the people that have done things to harm me, I realize that I always come to a time where I can escape from the hurtful ones and enjoy my ‘being’ with whomever I chose.  The people I hated in my adult years were those who I chose to be around due to fear of my own solitude, therefore I gave them access to destroy me even though I knew exactly who they were.  The hatred kept them at bay and separated me from them because deep down inside I was afraid I’d give them access to my heart again, even though they’d hurt me before, but guess what…..I’m no longer afraid.

Maturity is a Beautiful Thing.

Woman who told you that you were too old to have a baby and child-shamed you?  Can anyone find a statement that gives an exact age when men can no longer impregnate?  No, you probably can’t but you can certainly find tat age for women, therefore we have taken an unseen stranger’s word for things and created a Collective Consciousness about women and age.

Crones it is time for us to stand against the current belief systems of what women can do and who we are.  I believe one of the reasons that the scary witch is always old is because mature women are naturally magickal.  Hollywood’s scare tactics were just methods by which those in power chose to disarm aged women, but think about it.  Why should a woman become decrepit after menopause when there is no scientifically logical reason for aging in the first place, and females prior to any menses (young girls) enjoy youthful appearances without baby-making hormones and menses.  So should we.

It’s time to think positively, outside the box and change our worlds.  This is what I plan to do next year.


Renee Tarot is the Author of Embracing the Darkness on Amazon.

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