Primary Archetypes of the Day

The Major Energies Around You Determine Who You are, and Who Is Drawn to You at Specific Times in Your Life

Have you ever said to yourself, “Everyone I meet takes me through the same crap. How do I get out of this messy cycle?!?”

The reason for this is that you are always surrounded by and infused by a type of archetypal Energy that affects your personalities. You are NOT one. You are a conglomerate of types, forms, situations, energies that you have experienced. This makes up the core of who you are, which also serves as a magnetic attraction for other similar Energies. The purpose for these so-called ‘awful’ people in your life, is to show you a mirror image of some aspect of you! In many cases, people are not aware of the Archetypes at work around them, but once these Energies are called out, they have an ah ha moment!

How Do I Change the Archetypes I Don’t Like?

We must not see these Archetypal Energies as negative beings, but as Forces for positive changes in our lives. The first step is to become aware of who they are. You can easily do that by looking at your children or close family and friends. You can even contact me for an Archetypal Energy reading. Then we can decide how to employ them as Teaching Agents for your highest good. If you learn to do this effectively, it could put many child psychologists out of business because it will affect everyone in close proximity to you, even your children.

Here are Some Examples of Archetypal Energies and How They are to be Understood

I am going to deal with three Energies and believe that readers of this blog will be able to relate to these Energies in some way. We have the Artistic Energy, the Lover and the Instructor. One way these Energies may play together in a negative fashion is for you to feel a bit all over the place, finding it hard to stick to one thing because you are SO talented, rejecting logic and learning hard lessons as a result of a lover who defies logic and doesn’t know what they want…lol.

The way to make this more constructive is to use the Artistic Energy to create opportunities for love with those of like mind. Perhaps instead of learning hard lessons, you can become the Teacher and delve into the love of one of your fave crafts, thereby attracting someone else who also is whole in their own career choices. This results in more fulfilling relationship possibilities. What you should understand here is that these Energies can be considered ‘dark’ or ‘light’ Energies. The main key is figuring out how to upgrade the Energies in a positive way until they morph into a new type of manifestation that is more in tune with your highest good and enjoyment. This I call the Game of Life!

Call or chat with me today to discuss the possibilities that life and love have to bring to you!

Love, light and many blessings!



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