Animal Totems: Neptune Retrograde at 13

Prior to Dream:  I had an idea about something that I wanted to accomplish, which was a bit more than I’d ever done before.  I questioned the Oracles to see whether or not I was ready.

Date:  Early Sunday, 7/30/2017

Astrological Placements:  Neptune retrograde in the house of traditions at 13 degrees of work in Pisces; Vertex in the house of animals at 3 degrees of cooperation in Sagittarius;  Ceres/Abundance in the house of secrets in Cancer/family.

Time:  approximately 4:15 am eastern

Neptune Has Definitely Kept All Dreamers Very Active!

I mentioned in yesterday’s BlogTalk Podcast that Neptune’s retrograde motion in Pisces was having an effect on internal spirituality via dreams.  Boy, was I correct because it seemed like all, but two of my spirit animals visited me last night…

snake spiritThe first dream that I recall (because there were many) was of a heavy set, caucasian man with a receding hairline, approaching me with a huge, coiled, brown snake.  I wasn’t afraid as long as he had it because he was smiling, and seemed friendly enough.  He did not ask me, but suggested that I hold the snake in my arms, but before I could answer, he handed it over to me.

The snake was big and very heavy, but remained coiled, looking at me.  I remember thinking how I hoped that this particular snake did not have any teeth.  Then the snake began rubbing his head against mine, and I was like, oh no, he wants to cuddle!  He began to unravel, but remained calm, however I had an assurance by that time, that he would not eat me, and his original handler remained near.

Spirit Farm

shamanic animals dreamThen my dream changed scenes and I was in my kitchen asking my cousin to come with me to the back yard where other male family members and friends were waiting.  When I opened the back door, my usual ethereal back yard was even more magickal than usual and was filled with white farm animals; chickens, baby goats and horses…but one of the horses seemed a bit whild (I noticed I mispelled this word, but liked it so much, that I decided to keep it this way).  I looked through a light midst and saw a small stable off to the left and the white horse was kicking his hind legs, and my baby goats were sprawled out on the lush, green grass.  The chickens were off to the right doing what chickens usually do, looking for food.

I yelled out, “did that horse kill my goats!”

When I said that, the baby goats immediately stood at attention to ensure they were alive, but then the wild, white horse began to chase my cousin and me, and I screamed at her, “come back into the house quick!”  But before we entered the house, just in time, I noticed a bunch of men, some of whom I did not recognize, sitting calmly in the back of the yard at a picnic table.

Is the white horse of chastity keeping them from me?  Probably so.

I live in an urban area, yet I see horses constantly in real life and in my dreams.  I do not have ONE figurine in my home of a horse because it is the animal totem that I rejected (even though I do have one unicorn).  I never considered myself as a ‘horse person’, though my granddad had me riding them at an early age….I guess they’ve been with me for a while.

I preferred the lion totem and accepted my usual white owl, goats and even the snakes that would never go away.  Now it is time to accept the horse.

All is Human, Spirit, Plant, Rock and Situational

We are awakening and realizing reality and tradition have duped us into thinking that all we are is people.  I believe when we harm animals and plants in a non-kosher way, we commit grave sins against ourselves because we are all avatars and the physical body is the very least of all that we are.


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