#Halloween: The Season of Contemplation and Rest

For Some It’s Just Another Commercial Holiday. For Others, It is So Much More!

Back in historical times, European pagans (another name for those from the country/fields who were not rich enough to be Christians) considered November 1st as the start of a New Year — they called it Samhain. You see, back then only the royals were Christians sort of like the Hollywood elite are now turning to Scientology, yet I digress.

Samhain roughly means “summer’s end” and because it was basically old Gaelic, actually sounds like how today’s english-speaking baby might pronounce the words summer’s end.  Come November 1st there was a festival marking the end of the harvest and the arrival of ‘darker days or times’.

In some cultures it takes on a less seasonal meaning and more of a spiritual one marking the time when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest, therefore it is considered a good time to honor the Ancestors by setting up altars or a table/shelf to include their photo, a fave item of theirs, a fave food….nothing expensive…..just remembrance.

In modern times the true meaning of All Hallow’s eve has been lost in commercialism, propaganda, mass marketing and moulah. The New Year was replaced by the Catholic Church as All Saint’s Day during which the saints of old are to be remembered. The day before November 1st was signified as the eve of All Saints’ Day, hence All Hallow’s Eve.

You see even the catholic church realized they could not deny Gaia’s children of the natural propensity to follow their inner mind concerning these special days so instead of abolishing the celebrations all together, they confused and replaced them.


It is Important that We Don’t Miss the True Significance and Need for Halloween!

There is something absolutely MAJOR to be said about the significance of natural changes that we see and feel in the Energies around us during this season.  These Energies or Spirits are strong enough to affect the length of days and the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, because the Earth DOES NOT have to travel the path that She does since a circle makes more sense than an eclipse. Never think that because you can explain a thing, you understand it.

In any case, I am sure that there are deliberate reasons for the path that the Earth travels and her distancing herself from her main Provider and opening up to new seasons while promoting coldness, space, darkness, rest and introspection.

As microcosmic entities of Earth’s Own Higher Self, let’s follow Her lead for it is only in the quiet times that the most phenomenal of ideas occur!  

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