Is the Earth is Flat?


If the Earth is round,

and people in Atlanta, Georgia cannot even see the

Sun over California at 9 pm EST in winter,

and the Sun is expected to rise again in Atlanta,

Georgia approximately 9 hours after it leaves Cali,

how does anyone at the South Pole ever see sunrise,

that is, if the Earth is round?

And if sunset in Madrid, Spain will be at 3:44 pm EST today, and

sunset in Atlanta, GA is at 8:49 pm EST tonite, and

sunset in California is at 11 pm EST tonite, how can the sun travel through

the Pacific Ocean,



Saudi Arabia,

and Africa

to get back to rise in Madrid, Spain two hours after leaving Cali by 1 am EST

when a nonstop flight from Los Angeles, California to Beijing, China is 12

hours in a commercial jet traveling at about 500 miles per hour?

This would have to mean that for the Earth to be round we need

two suns (one on either side of the Earth),

OR Jupiter must double as a Sun and is not as cold as formerly thought,

OR Earth is smaller than we’ve been told,

but if compasses measure all directions based on the North Pole of Earth,

if the Earth is flat, and turning like a spinning top,

the North Pole is also moving, so

whether or not the Sun is on the left of Earth or situated on the right of Earth,

if the North Pole is moving, the Sun will always appear to be rising in the east,

and could technically rise in Madrid two hours after setting

in California…….

again, that is if the Earth is flat.


Renee Tarot

Author of “Embracing the Darkness” on Amazon

Published by

Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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