Astrological Insights: The Best Advice You’ve Ever Heard about Abuse

boyAstrology is a precious gift that was provided to us by the Master Planners so that we would know what the heck is going on and who we are dealing with.  The key to understanding Astrology is to know its alphabet, which includes the planets, stars and houses.  Once you learn the alphabet, you can put together words with it, then sentences, eventually paragraphs and so on.  Many people don’t take it seriously, but one day I hope we all will.  This morning at about 4 am, I had what I will call a spiritual experience.  I invited it and here is what resulted…

Child Abuse Happens

People go through crap and then they pass the crap on, but it’s not really their fault, sort of, because what I have discovered is sometimes they are just born that way as you will soon see.  The first thing you need to know is that I am not here to pass judgment on anyone!!!

As Astrologers, we must be able to read the charts so that we can reveal the unknown and improve lives.  One of the benefits of having a 12th house superstellium (8 astral bodies in the 12th house, which competes with physical prisons) is that I see what others do not.

The examples I have chosen were public cases of childhood abuse so I am not revealing what no one knows.  These examples were given to me this morning and as I write this post, I have not seen the charts so, as I usually state, what I discover was not pre-planned and I did not seek examples to prove any points.  I will list three women who were abused and two abusers:

To understand more about numerology and arrows, please read D.J. Ward’s book, Numerology for Teachers!

Bunny DeBarge (victim – singer and daughter of Robert Lewis DeBarge, Sr.) – Pisces 3/15/1955; Numerological items of note:  Master Number 11; Probably gets along with most people, but may seem to try to see everything as okay when it really is not; possesses aspects of a Minister; Pythagorean strength arrow of endurance and perseverance

Amanda Berry (victim – abducted by Ariel Castro on the day before turning age 17 — held in captivity for 10 years) – Taurus 4/22/1986, Destiny Number 5; Pythagorean challenges – indecisive, hesitant, but probably somewhat intuitive

Gina de Jesus (victim – abducted by Ariel Castro at age 14 — held in captivity for 10 years)  – Aquarius 2/13/1990, Destiny Number 7, Pythagorean strength arrow of inspired planning and intuitive thought

Ariel Castro (abuser – kidnapper) – Cancer 7/10/1960; Destiny Number 6, creative (but that turned out not to be a good thing)

Robert Lewis DeBarge, Sr. (abuser – Bunny’s dad) – Cancer 7/9/1932; Destiny Number 4; Pythagorean arrow of inspired planning and intuitive thought, hard worker

John Arthur Baptist DeBarge (Bunny’s grandfather and Robert’s dad) – Pisces 3/19/1901, Destiny Number 6, Pythagorean weaknesses of feeling inadequate and low self esteem, also arrow missing, which causes regret, frustration and hopelessness.  I only added this info to see if there are hints of abuse in Robert’s past based on astrological indications.

Initial Items of Note before Reviewing Charts

The most difficult part about these comparisons is making sure I have transcribed birth dates correctly and actually pulling up each chart.  Everything else basically glares at you from the computer screen and requires no major thought.

I must say that to find the abusers’ Suns in the signs of Cancer and Pisces is surprising.  Honestly, I thought the abusers would be mostly in fire or earth signs, however it seems water is where the trouble is, which may be where the term ‘troubled waters’ comes from.  Having too much love for a person coupled with emotional instability is definitely NOT good.

My other initial observation is that we want to see abusers as monsters who hate people and their families, but in these cases, they are quite the family men, however their idea of what draws people close is a bit plutonic vs platonic.

Each abuser and victim has his/her Sun in the 10th house.

What Are the Evident Similar Characteristics in the Charts of Abuse Victims?

This is Astrology 101 so we are not looking to dissect minor transits or checking into degree meanings, but simply seeing what is clearly evident with the planets and houses.  After pulling up Bunny’s, Amanda’s and Gina’s charts, what is clearly evident is Pluto hanging out in the root houses three and four, which are the houses of experiences of youth such as home life, school, family,  the father, etc.  Pluto is not a character that you want to play with.

Additionally, as mentioned above, every woman has the Sun in the 10th house, just like the superstars of music.  This brings me to a point that I missed yesterday, which is the important role of a strong mother in the making of a star.  Keep in mind, however, that the master planners like to put superstars mostly in earth and fire signs vs water.  Perhaps this is why Amanda reportedly received the best treatment of all the other victims of Ariel.  With Venus in the 10th along with the Sun in an earth sign, she was the superstar, if you want to put it like that.

Also, let us look at something interesting about Gina, who was 14, when she was taken into the 10 year captivity and who experienced much emotional trauma, but does not have Pluto in the root houses, only Leo (which actually is enough).  Pluto  showed up in her 6th house in Scorpio, which to me indicates mental challenges with the happenings, however there is another twist in her chart.  When Leo shows up in a house without other astral bodies, he has a tendency to make things happen in non traditional ways, as in he will go around the stump to get the job done so other planets can be in other places.  The Master Planners may stick Leo in to get the job done, but he does not pack the same punch as when the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto or Mars is there.  Personally, I think Pluto and Uranus are a lot closer to the earth than we think, however I digress.

Not long ago, I did a post about the parents of Lizzie Velasquez and their affect on her healing and success.  I see this also in Gina’s chart, with the Sun in the 10th house of influence of the mother and fame.  Mr. Sun is trining with Jupiter and absolutely square Mr. Pluto!  Bunny’s Sun also trines Jupiter, however there are no players available to lessen the effects of Pluto in a major way except for Father Time (Saturn).

Also for Gina, Jupiter and Chiron the Healer are in the 2nd house in Cancer which screams support system for the natal individual.  The 2nd house is about more than money, but also about values and self-worth — kudos to moms and dads who support their kids because you can change their lives in doing this!

What About the Abusers?  Which Aspects do They Share?

We need to teach Astrology to teachers in the private and public school systems of America so that people can get the help they need early.  I honestly believe this would bring more of what Gina and Lizzie had into the charts of more people.

Both of the abusers have 10th house Suns in water (Cancer), however, with Mr. DeBarge, the Sun actually joined in the frolic with Pluto and Lilith was the Administrative Assistant — man oh man!

Virgo in the 12th House of Abusers

I consider Virgo as the planner and business person who puts everything in its place, however, when stuck in the 12th house, Virgo apparently lashes out — the 12th house is not a good place to feel stuck when you want things to be ordered in a different way.

The Moon’s emotional upheavals aggravate Virgo in Robert’s chart, and Pluto, which is in Ariel’s 11th house, is also in Virgo — so the effects are felt in the 12th house as well.  Neptune and Uranus are in ‘not so good’ placements – the house of groups / hives (11th) where someone like Venus or Mercury needs to be.

So where is Venus?  Where in the heck is she in the charts of these abusers?  Can you guys believe she is in Cancer?  Yes, love is in the family structure, in the constellation of the home, however her power is perverted in a conjunct with the Sun and opposites/ inconjuncts with Saturn…….feelings don’t last long or they just come and go as they please.  The group issues exacerbate the Venus placement because a family is considered to be a group also.

Both abusers have Saturn in the fourth house of roots and paternal influences — perhaps there is frustration in the inability to measure up to a father one worships so you just say fuck it, then uh oh……and start over again, and again and again to the dismay of the kids and wife.

Robert’s Chart is A Lot for Anyone to Deal With — What of his Dad?

Believe it or not, some people are just who they are and are moving in from a previous life experience to complete a lesson they have to learn.  There are no major abusive tendencies in Robert’s dad’s chart (his love is in the house of the Lord) and with Fortune in Robert’s third house, he probably had a decent upbringing, however with Pisces as a North Node, there was something major he came here to learn and perfect.

Also, his dad’s sixth house Uranus has negative transits with other players, which could indicate what I noted in the earlier numerology section. The moon’s influence here indicates the adversity was more mental than physical.

Simply put, with regard to Robert, issues like a Sun/Pluto conjunct, as well as Mars in the 8th in Gemini and Uranus riding the Ram (Aries) in the marriage house (hinting at the biracial marriage as well) is just a situation that nobody wants to friggin deal with.

So there you have it, in a nut shell.  Thanks for reading and please follow for more interesting comparisons and insights!








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