Why We Love Tarot (And You Should, Too!)

Tarot Pathworking, What is It?

sun tarotMany metaphysical buffs and spiritual teachers have expressed that everything is energy, meaning all is in motion, and we now have scientific instruments to prove this.  Delving deeper still, I personally believe time is not linear, but is represented by a tapestry of sorts where one finds him or herself at a specific point in existence, however this point can be relocated to another place in time with purposeful will.

As a result of the above thinking, a while back, I decided to begin using the tarot to rearrange myself into positions or situations that I choose to be in.  The closest I’ve heard to a commonly used technical term for this is ‘Pathworking’, which is visualizing that you are entering the world of the tarot or having an experience with the tarot for the purposes of comprehending the card more intimately.  My method is a bit different, in that I imagine myself in the position that I want to be in and include images of the archetypal strength of a specific tarot card so that said strength can help me translate to a highly desired point more quickly.

I now regularly incorporate images of the tarot on my working altars so that the energies around the altar can also envision where I want to be and can assist me in that regard by working as a team member with the subconscious mind.

I just said a mouthful, but I do hope you got all of that — however just in case you did not read on!  I am of the opinion that everything is consciously alive and embued with specific powers and strengths — by ‘everything’ I mean animals (including humans), rocks, plants, liquids, air, colors, ‘thought’ stuff, etc.

Thought stuff, as I use the term in this post, is the stem cell-like matter, which permeates the cosmos and is naked to the human eye, but which embodies the power to form with like cells to become situations, things, concepts that can be enjoyed on the 3rd dimension, based on the energy of individual beings and their purposeful mind interaction with it.

Keep in mind we all have the power to create evil, however there are higher beings that can make life quite miserable for you if you do, and believe me, trying to compete with them, hide from them or outdo them is futile.

The Wonderful World of Tarot

I am not inclined to go into great detail about these concepts in this post, however those of you who are ready to experience it will be given the tools you need to do so — trust me.  I will say that some folks have been blessed to perceive Alice in Wonderland experiences on this plane, in that the happenings most read about in books or seen on TV, actually become a part of their waking existence in the physical dimension.

I have had dreams where archetypes of the tarot opened a door to a mansion, in which a dance was in progress and they invited me into the ballroom to participate.  I have also had dreams where fantastical beings, such as dragons, have appeared and then later changed form and reappeared to me in waking life, yet there was no doubt that these forms were in fact, representative of the dragons from my dreams.

The mind is extremely powerful, in fact, it is your world so you actually have the power to change occurrences, as long as you are ready to deal with the occurrences and you have learned the lessons that were placed before you in current spaces in time.  Life is a fantastical experience and everything that a mind can perceive may become real and touchable in your reality.  It benefits the powers of this current world to feed and disperse chemicals and poisons to the general masses to keep you dumbed down in order that they may experience their best realities, but many of you can be free.  However some of you don’t need to be so the dumbing down has been allowed and your minds are purposefully closed.

I invite those of you who are awakened to study these concepts and see how entering into the world of tarot changes your existence on this plane.

Other Explanations of Pathworking

Below is a video of a woman explaining pathworking so that you can get a different point of view.  Once you visit the YouTube page, you will see other recommendations for the same topic.  I encourage you to listen to a few videos so that you can come up with your own methodology and purpose for using the tarot in this exciting fashion.

Keep in mind that even if I or many others are not completely correct in our mystical interpretations and practices, we are much closer than most to the best existences possible in life, and there is always more than one way to skin a cat — not that anyone would want to.


Video:  Pathworking with Tarot Video

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