Speak Peacefully in #Love!

Mars has Entered Leo with the Asteroid Ceres, and the Sun is Fast Approaching

We all know that Leo the Lion is a fire sign that has no qualms about letting us know how (s)he feels when it comes to love and relationships. As Mars, the God of War enters into the energy of the sign with the amplifier Ceres and the Sun fast approaching, there is a tendency for us to say words that we could not take back even if we wanted to!

Think Before You Speak!

Through the first week of September 2017 it’s going to feel like if we don’t say what is on our minds we may explode, but I promise…..we won’t. Please practice the following for the next few days:

1. Breathe and clear your head when faced with challenging circumstances.

2. Wait a couple of days before you respond to that insane text message that someone had the nerve to send you. Perhaps they are taking something out on you, or are confused themselves. Give them a chance to explain and a couple of days to gather their own thoughts.

3. Let your yays be yay and your nays be nay, meaning you don’t have to add a bunch of profanity to the mix. Show them you mean what you say with your actions, and remember, you always retain the choice of saying nothing at all.  Silence is golden.

4. Save your energy for yourself.  Arguments usually cause us to project our own energies onto the subject of our grief leaving them feeling energized and us depleted.

5. Don’t believe everything you see on social media! We can hire actors to pose in pictures with us, and quite honestly, some people post pics just to give people the impression that they own things that are really only borrowed….lol.

Hopefully these tips will help us to survive the Leo transits that are occurring as I type!


What Jay Z and 4:44 Can Do for the #Love of an American Male

When Beyonce came out with Lemonade, the visual album, I had to get a copy and must say it is a work of art, enjoyable no matter how many times I view it.  As many of you are aware, I dealt with infidelity also and Beyonce captured the suffocating intoxication of what cheating does to a woman, and what the cheatee requires from the cheater to continue on in the relationship.

The emergency manual for the broken heart.

Enter Jay Z and his new album 4:44, which features a remake of the tune Four Women by Nina Simone.  Perhaps Jay Z, in addition to stating no matter the color of your  skin, you are still who you are, also had an underlying meaning with regard to four women instead of just one (food for thought).  Additionally, he provided more than the 411 about what was going on in his male head when Queen Bey demanded absolute honesty and loyalty.  He admitted this was nothing he had ever been required to do before, and how different it was for him once he actually put himself in her shoes.

Here is where I feel Jay Z, in his confessions and sensitivities, contributes to Love American Style.  Many men will live his experience, emotions and words through this very popular album….imagine the consciousness that this will raise in the urban community.

How many other men will wake from their lusty slumber as they relive Jay Z’s relationship with Bey?

Is the peer pressure  to be a baller so strong amongst young men that swaggalishusness precludes them from being faithful?

Of course there will be many men who will immediately jump on the T.H.O.T train and claim the women have it coming to them, and don’t want to be saved, but……

…….I’m not talking about those women.  I’m speaking of all the women who raised themselves up in order to attract and to BE a worthy partner, only to be fooled by the empty promises of monogamy in a primarily polygamous culture.

Will Jay Z continue to be faithful or will he falter?  How many other men will come clean and agree that fidelty is worth sacrificing the other woman?  Does it matter if Jay Z is faithful as long as he is truthful?

Is true love the only emotion that can evoke faithfulness in a man?

Who knew that being true to a woman makes some men feel like they are less virile?

I am absolutely NOT convinced that fidelity and faithfulness are the natural order for the majority, but I’ll give Jay Z an ‘E’ for effort and a hand clap for going platinum.



Why We Absolutely Love Mr. or Mrs. WRONG and How to Stop!!!!!

Deep Down Inside, Every Human Knows Earth Is Meant to be a Playground

I’m guilty as charged!

Mr. Wrong or should I say Mr. Wrongs are a few of the reasons why I have so much insight into other people’s issues….lol. Mr./Ms. Right, quite honestly, can be a bit boring, however Mr./Ms. Wrong gives us that elusive challenge for love that keeps our hearts pumping, our loins active and our minds completely engaged.

In many cases they are the masters of illusion and know how to pull the strings of our hearts — they learned how to do that during their childhoods when they discovered how to get away with doing more than a few incorrect things. But in any case, we love to love them because it hurts so good!

How to Stop Wanting What is Not Right for You

But, now you’re tired, and your heart has been pulverized one time too many! It’s become exhausting and you are finally ready for a love that invests into your soul, and does not just take away from it.

Just think about it for a second.

You love yourself…….now. No, I mean you really put yourself on a pedestal to the point where your subconscious is so connected to what is right for you, that you have developed an intuition for all that does NOT serve. You are strong and realize that you must keep foolery from your heart, and you KNOW only time can identify true frauds. Now with self-love like this, and a keen eye for details, how could you want, attract or settle for what’s wrong for you? Correct, you can’t!


Divorce PTSD

Hello Everyone,

I have so much to write about and so many thoughts that I have to separate the topics because each reader follows for specific reasons and guidance.  No one has time to weed through posts that are not relevant to their interests, however there are times when one of my other blogs is relevant to this one, which is mainly about spiritual energy / ascension and soul advancement.

Today I delved into the topic of divorce, heartbreak and recovery in a blog surrounding that topic, which I feel may be of help to some of you.  You may access the blog by clicking here, and I hope you enjoy and get something out of it.


How I Won at Life by Playing Powerball

This week the Powerball jackpot was up to $1.6 billion!

I hurried to get my ticket fantasizing about all the things I could buy:  a huge mansion, sports cars, a personalized plane, cruises, a chef, clothes, an occult bookshop/coffee house….but then I thought about something.  There was this underlying nagging feeling that was in my chest.

None of this would mean anything to me without someone to share it with.

Constant travel is fatiguing.

I can only eat so much without becoming unhealthy.

What would I have to look forward to after the first year?

Begging, crying relatives will alienate me from my family (when I constantly tell them no).

So here’s what I decided…

I want money so that I do not have to worry about it and so that I can live freely, enjoying earth’s offerings and besides that, I want love and happiness, because without anyone to share it with, it’s useless.

Thanks Powerball!

Re-Embrace True Love Day – September 23rd

Bring Back the Love!

September 23rd– Re-Embrace True ‪#‎Love‬ Day

Symbol: The White Lily (as given in a dream on 9/10/15)

Theme:  If God/Goddess is Love, and I am God/Goddess, then I am Love, the greatest Force in the Universe.

Song:  The Greatest Love of All – George Benson

The Balance of Love  — Poem by Renee Tarot

Though the dark is needed to exist beside the light,
the latter also must thrive and remain before our sight.

Balance is necessity, it breeds a calmer sea.
Focus too much on one side and peace will cease to be.

For myself I ask to see good life as once before,
making choices that enrich and fill me to the core.

Sensitivity I welcome you — before me reappear,
cleanse the organs of deceit, wipe them pure and clear.



lilyOn September 23rd, let us re-embrace true love with its challenges, the requirement for commitment, all of the good and bad, its fruitfulness and need to be.

It will be a master # day “22” and a day of a waxing Super Moon.

As a collective body — let us return to ‪#‎Romantic‬ #Love on this day and practice ALL other types of love as well. If you would like — you can take it through to the ‪#‎Supermoon‬ — from September 23th – 27th, 2015.



What Should You Do on this Day?

1. Focus on love that is lifelong and share something that you have with someone else.

2. Give random, inexpensive, homemade cards, picked wild flowers and gifts.

3. Tell three people you love them and mean it. Hug them if you have access to them.

4. Spend some time meditating on, praying about, facing and resolving issues surrounding deeds that we have done to ourselves and to others as a result of what was done to us.

5. Go to couples therapy and save your ‪#‎relationship‬.

6. Sit down with the kids and give them a chance to voice how they feel about ‪#‎broken‬ relationships or visit your children that you do not live with.

7. Create an official relationship with someone that you expect to be committed to. Make it about someone else and celebrate that day going forward.

8. Reestablish your ‪#‎innocence‬ by revisiting healthy childhood dreams and manifest a miracle by this time next year.

9. Do not say or think anything in judgement with regard to anyone’s spiritual beliefs or sexual preferences. Accept all for who they are.

10. Go out of your way for someone.

11. Remove all fear from your mind and offer unconditional tolerance.

12. Get along with your mate’s other child’s mother and vice versa.

13.  Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  Thirteen is no longer an unlucky number.  The 13th suggestion is to LOVE YOURSELF!


In America, some of us scoff at middle eastern women for covering their faces and we look down upon families who take a part in choosing mates for their children, but look at what we have become. Many men and women have had so many lovers that they become bored with their spouses within 9 months of marriage.

In this country, we are rampant with diseases of the sexual organs. People are now being jailed for ridiculous reasons and paying prices that do not equate to the crime.  Prisons are contributing to the erosion of love.

Women of all races run to surgeons and hair stores to create walking mannequins that replace who they really are as humans thereby relegating many men to a distaste for real human women.

This country was built on the backs of those that were products of rape and sexual immorality. Those of African decent were thrown into beds with whoever would produce the best seed and many women poisoned their wombs, creating generational curses that exist to this day, and they were not allowed to legally partner.  Civilizations such as these leave a long term sting.

I have heard there is even consideration to create a sexual preference for innocents — a distasteful preference and one on top of which the current religious system is built on.

We gorge on animal flesh, which is ridden with hormones and our children reach puberty too early, before they are mentally ready to handle it.

Though the prostitute is an age-old figure, she has now made her way into our living rooms, sitting on the lap of the young, and also the elderly and a little blue pill. All of this has eroded the concept of coupling and love.

WE turn our backs on each other in ego-driven fits of selfishness, leaving the children in the middle of a tug of war, with little hands trying to clean up grown up messes with their tears. Everyone is using everyone like toilets. Release, wipe, flush. Release, wipe, flush, but where is the love?

The mammals and birds of prey have a better understanding of what love is than we do, so what does that make us. Dammit my roosters will spit out food and call to the hens to eat before they do. I envy my hens with their protective counterparts….lol.

Correct, some of us are the animals now.

Today, I have been grieved….possibly the Moon in Leo, maybe I am feeling someone’s break up pain or a child’s pain — or my own. We blame the diaspora and we seek the next top model look alike and who can feel/fill us up the best, ……………….BUT, at what point can true love give us bliss in and of itself.

We gotta get back to life because the balance is off …….Ase!


Re-embrace True Love

September 23rd

Enjoy our Theme Song:  “The Greatest Love of All” George Benson