Why God Rejected 1/3 of Him/Herself

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Every Archetype Becomes Physical Many Times Over.

In Gnostic Mysticism, before the Fathers of Christianity hijacked the meaning of Jesus’ words, everything the teacher said was likened to archetypal circumstance and a revival of New Age philosopy. Despite some revelations perceived by the founding gnostic fathers, and with judgment by death being the order of the day, two separate worlds were merged to form the Old and New Testaments with many contradicting truths being left to rot in middle eastern caves. Despite official attempts by the Church to distort truths, Truth’s ability to hide in the commonest denominator of all things brought Itself to the light.

As Above, So Below.

With so many of you rejecting various aspects of your lives, personalities and pasts, it is no wonder that The One also rejected a large portion of Himself in biblical narratives accounting for 1/3 of his personality being kicked out of heaven. It is said that the All questioned it’s own authority and rejected it’s own selfl doubt, hence the story of the Fallen Angels.

Also, we have Watchers who made an oopsey and had sex with mortal women, we have Fallen Angels (who fell down from Heaven – the 1/3) and we also have the children of the Watchers whose souls were left to roam after the flood, according to Enoch who said these are evil spirits. All this Evil can be quite confusing. Be that as it may, whether you believe all the stories, one or none of them, the entire act was a form of a purge of the Oneness’ own Self in Its attempt at remaining Righteous, hence the reason why humans exist today, as sort of a filter for various aspects of the All to recreate and perfect Itself.

Did the Consummate Trickster and Loner Waste His/Her Time by Performing the Great Purge?

In today’s society, it appears the answer to the question is a resounding ‘yes’. Universal Consciousness as depicted through the human psyche is no closer to perfection than it was thousands of years ago, which is why the Great Reset has been predicted when everything ‘evil’ will finally be destroyed and only righteousness remains. It makes sense that men would write that, especially with our general propensity being to destroy 1/3 of ourselves.

Why Wait?

Children are starving. Humans, plants and animals are killed in endless wars. Narcissistic evil, rape and rage are rampant. We are told the earth is overpopulated. The gray area between right and wrong has all but disappeared.

Perhaps that in and of itself, the disappearance of good vs evil, is the definition of righteousness, and is the state for which we all impatiently await.

Renee Tarot

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini | 2 Weeks of Meditation

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You May Not Understand How Important it is to Focus. Read This.

#Mercury #retrograde in Gemini has similarities to how Neptune retrograde behaves in Pisces. Airy dreaminess is put in check long enough for you to set aside time, even if only 10 minutes, to focus and reflect on what you really want. The time for manifestation is now. To require the body and mind to be still and to allow thoughts to come and go until only truth remains will assist you in:
1. Discovering what you really want out of life.
2. Doing something about it.
3. Creating a written vision plan.
4. Putting Universal Forces into motion to work for you.

Manifestation is More Than Wishing and Hoping for a Thing.

Frazzled minds lead to many issues that can plague your life to include sleeplessness, lack of direction and stress, to name a few. You already know what these states lead to without me saying anything more. Are you worth 15 minutes a day for two weeks? Do your dreams matter enough to you to spend time making them come true? Are you willing to destroy the status quo? While a geminic Mercury retrograde is sextile Jupiter in Pisces at an important 29 degrees during a waxing Moon, why not kick off a beautiful new habit that can change your life for eternity.


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Message from the Jade Emperor

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When I speak, I speak to nourish you and tell you of good things to come. My sons, my daughters, the earth is yours to command, to honor, to grace and adorn. You have no need to worry. Do the oblations that I command each of you. Visit my temple and forsake not to honor me, your Emperor.

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The Dark Lord is Hiding So He Can Continue His Work.

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I See Him Through the Tarot

Yes, the Oracles reveal him in readings, yet he hides behind child abuse, trauma, MRIs and other explanations. He has affected your ancestors for generations, masquerading as natural illness. Sure, there can be other explanations, however humans were created to heal with proper treatment. What’s stopping the healing? Sometimes it’s the Dark Lord.

He changes your chemical make up and affects the heart and mind by blocking crown and heart chakras, creating shadows, visions, voices, nightmares and all manner of oppression. Why do you not command him to leave? Because he tells you he does not exist, yet he continually draws perpetrators to you, those who are attracted to the shadows see his shadow over you, which is why certain situations are drawn to you and reoccur over and over again.

Rid Yourself of the Dark Lord.

Refuse to allow him to live in your vicinity. Check your altars. Did you begin to worship a certain deity when all of the crap hit the fan? If so, dismantle the altar and get it out of your space. Call on Beings of Love and Light to protect you DAILY.

Flood your space with sage, frankincense and myrrh. Play soft, positive sounds like music that lifts the vibration of the atmosphere. Pray and meditate, under the care of an experienced shaman or spiritual person, until you learn to do it on your own. Take your medicine. A Dark Lord can do nothing with a body protected by certain chemicals, which ultimately have come from the sacred plant kingdom. Change your diet. Some foods that you eat can aggravate your mind or digestive systems, hence affecting your soul.

It is imperative to deal with him from all angles and the spiritual angle is highly valid for it is more than spiritual. It is the physical of the most detailed and elemental sort.


The Upside Down Phenomena

The Birds Have Been Singing All Night.

Also, several other occurrences have reversed from their normal direction, almost as if the Earth has begun turning and shifting in a different direction, so much so that Her magnetic pull has altered the energy of consciousness.
There was a time when humans felt they were suffering alone, however now we all know others have been affected by what this energy shift has brought about. Things are not the same.

What is Consciousness and How has It Been Affected by the Upside Down Phenomena?

The young ones won’t be affected as much since this new life will be all they know. Those who are adults ages 18 and 65 will feel it the most. Those over 65 have already adjusted to so much change that this will be par for the course.
Consciousness is a certain type of energy that brings about change without outside manipulation. It shifts, in and outside of physical bodies, simply because It wants to. What we consider to be Upside Down, could actually be a bigger universal wheel, whose alternate and much Higher Astrological House we have entered.  We know the Age of Aquarius, but what of the Age of Something Else, that affects the Sun and Planets, thereby shifting all of humanity and the animals into another dimension.

How Do You Cope with The Shift?

You’ll need new rules to navigate the Altered Universal Mind. You will have to reason with The Mind when things get too unstructured.
Sometimes things will feel unfair and they are. The Universal Mind may seem like a Trickster and you may have to let Them get away with some things. Keep it light and don’t hold grudges.
Take your time making decisions. Consequences of what you do can last a lifetime, even if only in your precious mind, which is sacred and absolutely worthy of protection.
Find someone to talk to and provide support for them also. The rescue and support should be mutual, and offering to others prevents victim archetypes from forming, which makes all of this much worse.
I believe that in this season, communication, learning to let go and flexibility will ALL be key in navigating this Transition. Since it is new for all of us, if you’ve discovered some tricks, let us know in the comments.
Renee Tarot

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April 30 2022 New Moon Solar Eclipse Horary Reading

Some Esoterics are Predicting the Upcoming New Moon to be Life Changing. Will it Be?

On April 30, 2022, both the Moon and the Sun will be at 10 degrees of Taurus in the 8th House, give or take a minute or two. Looking at the transit on the actual astrology chart does make it appear to be a big deal, especially when Taurus deals with our money and already has topsy turvy Uranus influencing the deal. The Moon and Sun are not the only partners that will be lying on top of each other at this time.

A 13 degree Vertex meets a 14 degree Chiron in a 7th house Aries,  with Pallas, our governmental custodian and Minister at 0 degrees of the same house, but in Taurus. Additionally, the Libra Ascendant will merge with Parts of Fortune at 5 degrees. This will definitely affect marriages and homes in a big way, but will it be good or something else? 

Numerologically speaking, numbers 1, 5, 7 and 8 are about new beginnings, change, movement, committed partnerships and lessons learned the hard way — sounds a lot like marriage to me. Saturday is definitely a good day for a wedding, but sextile Mars in a Pisces 6th house, it’s almost like the marriage is arranged for business purposes by families.  The flavor of this eclipse seems to lend toward fated marriages, decisions to end marriages, or marriages ending due to the Pale Horse ending it, if you know what I mean.

Let’s Look at What the Tarot and Oracle Cards Say About this Eclipse.

I decided, with so many conjuncts and major players on top of each other, it would be good to look at a quick Tarot reading for the eclipse — then we will get to the Horary.  The Archetypes pulled were about energy vampirism, stumbling blocks and solitude. Almost as if those who will be left alone, will embrace the change and those who will be joining up, may miss their solitude. The Tarot stated that some of you who have been in relationships or who have known each other for quite the long while will finally tie the knot and are ready to work toward building good marriages and families. It’s the right thing to do, yeah?

Now Let’s View the Horary Chart.

I’ll admit, that some Horary questions and the approach toward interpreting the answers are really up to how the Astrologer views energies, circumstances and houses. First things first — what is the question? The question is what does the New Moon Solar Eclipse bring to the lives of the United States population, primarily.  I plan to look at the first house and its Ruler. I’ll also check the Sun and Moon’s placement at the time of the Horary reading because the eclipse on the 30th is really about them.  I want to look at the Fifth House since the Moon rules Cancer and that is it’s home. We’ll need to check the 11th house opposite the fifth house, and representing the people.  I’ll look at what is in the 7th house simply because of the Eclipse chart for the 30th and what the tarot reading showed.  I believe I understand the question and what my plan is to get an answer. The time is April 27, 2022, at 12:33 pm est so I’ll pull that chart for my Horary reading on that date and time.

The Horary chart shows Leo in the 1st house so the Sun will be primary in this reading. With Saturn in the 7th, some interpreters of charts say that exempts me from being able to do the interpretation, but I’ll proceed anyway. The Sun is at the top of the chart in Taurus, sextile Mars and Juno, the husband and wife, but square the Ascendant, mostly because of Juno, the wife. Mercury, which is sextile Jupiter is against Vesta, Juno and Saturn so Daddy doesn’t feel daughter should get married or won’t be able to be there, at least not in the flesh. Vesta, Juno, and Saturn in a 7th house Aquarius definitely indicates April 30 will be an anniversary date for a lot of new brides.

The Moon is at 0 degrees of Aries, the god of War in the 9th house at the time of the Horary reading. This could mean that some negotiations at high levels do not go well leading to unwanted compromise OR that mother of the bride does not agree with the marriage, but thinks traditionally and goes along with it, possibly due to a premarital pregnancy because she’s square Ceres. Fortune at 5 degrees in an 11th house Cancer confers with a pregnancy. It could also mean, whether you want the job or not you have to take it and work because Mom and Dad are done paying your bills. And they said it was an employee’s market!

All in all, we have marriages of convenience on a microcosmic and macrocosmic (governmental) scale. These unions will change lives going forward and will teach numerous hard life lessons for years to come, creating gurus, High Priestesses and forging soul bonds that are sure to last for a few more lifetimes because you could  not possibly learn all of the lessons in this one.
Renee Tarot

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