What is Magick? Understand the Law of Ritual.

The Evolution of Magick

Magick was once a very simple concept among human beings in prehistoric times, and was considered as the special ability to effect change — something that the average person could not do or explain.  In the past, nature and the happenings in the sky were seen as magickal, as was the pregnant female or the ability to obtain a harvest from the fields.

Over the course of many years and political regimes, magick evolved from a reverence of nature to an idea that some people consorted with evil spirits or entities and could get them  to cause things to happen.  However, in recent times, we have begun to embrace the idea that magick is the ability to manipulate energy, and we now understand there is no such thing as ‘mass’ as we knew it 30 years ago, only energy and waves, but there’s more.

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