Why Does Church Make Me Feel Drained?

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When I Attended Church Regularly, I Could Barely Get Out of Bed on Monday Mornings.

Monday mornings were the hardest and it was not because I did not like my job.  I went to a pentecostal church and actually found it to be quite fascinating.  So many people needed healing, deliverance and financial breakthroughs.  The church was the hospital and it was filled with sick people, both mentally and physically.  There I was in the midst of it all, not knowing what it was doing to me.

Storytime:  I Decided to Stay Home from Church and Everything Changed – For the Better.  Here’s why I left.

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New Music: Let’s Make the Exchange

This year has turned out to be an extremely creative one for me.  I never push myself or say, “I must create because of a schedule,” but move intuitively, and this new creation just flowed out today.  Enjoy and share with someone you love!

The Divine Feminine

Imagine a world of women only.

We are men with wombs. We can tap into our power of procreation and creativity without them….

if we allow ourselves to.

We are beautiful, muscular, hairy, smooth…… We fight to the death and we love just the same.

We are fair, with feelings, and we are one with the synchronycitous, disembodied powers.

No more slavery, oppression, useless war, abandoned children, self-dissatisfaction, workaholicism, fear, depression, sadness, obesity……just harmony.

We smell good naturally….the only time we stink is when we have been around….THEM….that attempted to destroy the true Kings who have re-arisen!

The imposters cannot live without us, but we CAN and do live and thrive without them.

They only protect us from their own kind.

No more putrid smells, musty socks, bad breath, sexual disease, rape, lies, twisted or selfish thinking, just order…….

Hail to the rise of Divine Femininity

Yin and Yang are already embodied in ONE……the Womb-man.


Jurassic Jreams

So I have been practicing this phenomenon called ‘get more sleep’…..

The Dream

Me and the childhood fam are in a large, round, white, futuristic house.  The house is on legs and has a window circling its exterior.

I look out the window and see dinosaurs and elephants with horns.  I am thinking how glad I am to be inside, then one of the elephants taps the window with its horns.

I mentally beg the elephant to please go away because if he breaks the glass, we’re dinosaur lunch.  He seems to hear me and moseys on.

I look out the window and see baby crocs with wings.  These babes stand on their hind legs and I realize they are dragons.

I wake up with the following questions:

  1. How come I never saw an elephant with unicorn horns pic?
  2. How come most of the unicorn-horn type animals are extinct?
  3. Are we living in a circular dimension, meaning present, past, future, present, past, future, etc?
  4. Is there another planet with dinosaurs or dragons on it right now because if you can breathe fire, you can definitely live near it?


Poetry: “Thorns & Roses” by Renee Tarot, Author of “Broken Heart” on Amazon

Thorns and Roses

by Renee Tarot, Author of Broken Heart on Amazon

Beauty lives within the vine, along with intense pain,
maturing me to Love’s pleasure as lakes swell up with rain.

Wondering where my life should go, confused by Grand Design.
Poring through my soul’s contract, unsure of when I signed.

Hidden enemies everywhere fueled by hearts like Cain,
never seeing their ownselves, nor any other’s pain.

In thick darkness, pierced by thorns, I’ll smell the roses all.
If I refrain, tis my own fault. Only I can let me fall.

Everything depends on me, it’s my realicious time.
Upon my own wings I will rise, the Queen of Things Sublime.

You may see tears or hear me roar, if so, then not so good.
For once it’s done you’ll know my plight, and change, as if you could.

So yes the freshest roses come with thorns that extract blood,
but fore we put the roses down who’ll bleed a thousand floods?

Enjoy me singing “Because You Loved Me”

Does Prophetess T Still Dream?

Yes she does! But it has come to her attention that certain ones in places of power, who have no real power, are using this invaluable info for purposes, not to our benefit, but to their own.  Additionally, they have chosen to try to manipulate by tapping into certain frequencies.

As a result I received instructions to discontinue publicizing my dreams and other protections were put in place, but if there is info that I am given that will help the general public, I will provide it via Twitter or Facebook, in a public one or two liner, so you can follow me there.

I will give you one more tidbit of a dream, which actually came from a protege, so please SEE with seeing, crossed eyes because the occult must become secret, once again……at least for now!




15 Things You Need to Know About The Darkness from Renee Tarot, Author of the Upcoming Occult Thriller, “Embracing the Darkness”

The average person cannot pull the switch on an executioner’s  chair, specifically when someone is sitting in it. Many cannot find entertainment in bloody, murderous slashers. Others cannot find beauty in the monstrous visitors of the night. However, some of us can and do.

So you think you’re ready to dress in goth and star in your own reality, horror flick, huh?

There is a Place and Purpose for the Darkness

If you are like me, you spent many years trying to be a person of the light, whatever that is. Because you are intuitive, you discovered that many people lie and pretend to be who they are not, and those who could be considered ‘good’, are few and far between. You have discovered that most surface dwellers are either matrix-monkeys or easily programmable, middle to lower class fillers.

You know there is another ‘kind’ that is considered a priest or priestess of the darkness, but before I offer clues into their lifestyles, understand what the darkness is and what it is not.

It is the same as the light, though a polar opposite. By opposite, I mean it has a separate purpose, though needful it is. Simple minds want to automatically assume that it is for evil purposes, however this is far from truthful. No one can live healthily on desserts alone. Too much light is blinding, as is too much darkness, however certain situations require more darkness than light.

I am not referring to blackness, which is the indigenous practitioner or church pastor who scares congregations out of their money and time.  The true darkness is responsible for restraint, retribution, vengeance, teaching, discipline, courage, protection, control, judgement and valor.  How many war heroes do you know who never drew blood or killed hundreds? Do you not need them still?

Do not mistake the dark lords as being conduits or perpetuators of evil……we leave that to the ones who pretend to be of the light. True dark lords know and follow Universal Law and because of their very, high ethics, they have been given special permission to protect it. They are honest about their virtues and flaws, fully revealing them to the public. They choose not to hide.

Clues that You May be Called to the Darkness

  1. Your parents have odd stories about your infancy, and how you acted much more lucid and mature than the average newborn.
  2. Your astrological chart shows major planets, and most likely a stellium in the 12th house……and you actually know what a stellium is.
  3. You are constantly being introduced to people who require correction, and they usually get it after they meet you.
  4. Most adults are afraid of you and try to avoid you.
  5. Children and animals love you.
  6. You find strength in being alone and are highly empathic.
  7. You are drawn to nature, magick or other spiritual systems, and have been since you were a child. Yes, some of these people are in the church.
  8. You began seeing incarnates at an early age, and soon learned to embrace them.
  9. People who are deemed unattractive by regular society are beautiful to you.
  10. You love horror flicks.
  11. You have night dreams of saving people or obliterating destructive forces.
  12. You are not afraid of people that most others fear.
  13. You see the manifestation of your prayers within 24 hours, and wear some type of talisman.
  14. You cannot tell people everything that you know, especially what has been revealed to you by non-incarnates.
  15. You find it difficult to keep love relationships, noting that there is usually only one that you can be with long-term.

If over 3/4 of these characteristics describe you, it may be time to embrace the darkness, taking comfort in the fact that what it is truly, is not what the average joe makes it out to be.


Clairpresence – What Will Mental Imagery be Like in 50 Years?

holographLately I have been experiencing holographic situations where future, past and present are merging into one.  At one time these experiences were nicely packaged in dreams, or at my beckoning with magickal tools.  Now they come and go at will….

Seeing the Future in the Present

In one case last year I saw a future eight month pregnancy when in reality the girl was only six weeks and I mentioned on Facebook that I innocently asked her if she was having a girl — (actually I told her she was having a girl, lmao) — it was not until she told me she was not pregnant, nor was she trying, that I was able to come out of the situation and see that her tummy was not big and that she did not appear pregnant. I was so friggin embarrased!!!
I remembered that when I saw the pregnancy, it was more fuzzy and dreamlike than normal reality should be and I guess since I was in a dining facility, I thought it might be the atmosphere — that somehow it was just a bit smoky due to a faulty exhaust.
Days later she told me that my matter-of-factness caused her to take a pregnancy test because she was late and turns out she actually was 6 weeks along.  From that point forward, she looked at me kinda weird and kept her distance.

Experiencing the Past in the Present

And then on another time I experienced a situation that I had lived years ago, but I am in a new situation now and quieted myself to get back to the reality I was in. I was aware enough to know that what I was feeling was not for the present moment.
When I did that, I noticed that the other reality and its feelings just went away, so now I am really mindful of what I am feeling, where I am, who I am around because as the veil between past, present and other dimensions, gets thinner, other new senses have to develop to differentiate 3rd dimension from 4th and 5th.

Sex and Merging with OthersIs it time to Move On? Call 1-800-355-9142 to start a Psychic Reading. Get 3 minutes FREE!

Lastly, recently I have realized that I experience others’ hurts, pains, joys, etc. more profoundly when I have close contact with them.  It is like Empathy to the Third power.  It can happen during sex or when living with or eating with others and if I ask them about what they are not ready to reveal, it gets frustrating for them and for me.  People lie to themselves — or haven’t you heard.
Recently a family member hit hard times and had to live with me for a few days.  Outwardly she seemed happy, upbeat and ready for her next transition.  When she left my home, I felt a heaviness in the house that required that I clear the space so I asked her later if she was really okay.  She was not ready to talk freely and only said that she was in a dark place right now.
Another family member is caring for an ill, elderly person and she is the type that hides how she feels and won’t let others into her space to help.  I can barely stand to talk to her over the phone for 10 minutes without being affected by her deep melancholy.

There are Negative Affects to Upgrading. What Can We Do?

Now I know why mystical women live in log cabins in the middle of the woods, and I have found that only animal, rock and plant energies are grounding and soothing in these situations. I have learned why house pets are necessary for mystical, magickal people because they have what it takes to absorb these energies to clear us and our spaces.  I also understand why ancient Holy Books prescribed special amulets for spiritual men and women to keep them grounded.  Here are some quick things we can do to stay afloat:
  1. Start each day with quiet time and ritual to help keep us solid (3-dimensional) throughout the day.
  2. Open up to like minded spiritual people and share experiences.
  3. Get plenty of rest and relaxation and be careful of what you watch on TV, read and avoid toxic people.
  4. Build yourself up in alone time via prayers, meditation, inward focus, the wearing of certain gemstones and chakra balancing exercises. Amethyst is calming and serpentine is a great protector and grounder.
  5. Surround yourself with nature and go out into it, barefoot, so that earth can ground and recalibrate.
  6. Before falling asleep at night, purposely ask the ancestors and guides for lucid experiences to teach about new stations in life and about how to navigate through them.
  7. Keep at least one domestic pet to physically interact with daily via feedings, petting, walks, etc.
  8. Begin to understand the differences between what ‘now’ feels like vs ‘alternate realities’.  As I mentioned above, the alternate realities are not quite as clear as the right now, but are more smoky and dreamlike.  In the past we picked up tarot cards or other tools to open windows to clairvoyence, clairaudience, etc. Now it is more like clairpresence that just comes and goes without request.  Become familiar with what clairpresence feels like and how it differs from what ‘right now’ feels like because without a nicely situated, strong Gemini or Virgo in your chart, which is not negatively afflicted, it could be very difficult to keep up with.

Dream of Natives of Islands North of Trinidad

natives2Waking Life Prelude

Yesterday an exterminator visited my home and informed me that he would like to go to St. Lucia to honeymoon — he and his fiance are marrying in August of this year.  I asked exactly where the islands were.  He pulled out his phone and showed me the map and they are northwest of Trinidad.  I did not give it any more thought.

I am almost certain there are no coincidences in life as the Universe is too horribly mathematical for that…

The Dream

I was home and looking out of the window during the spring season.  I noted that many caucasian couples were planting on the first day of spring as if their lives depended on it.  I then looked at an old tomato plant that I had, which I thought had died, but it was full of fruit.  I was very excited.

Suddenly the dream changed and too tall Natives were standing in front of me in Native gear.  I have had numerous dreams of natives in the past.  These men did not have shirts on and their skin was tanned, almost brown.  The taller of the two was very handsome and smelled really good, sort of woodsy.  I touched his skin and it was very smooth.  All of my senses were active (I recently had a medical eye procedure and I am observant of changes in my inner vision as well).  I believed him to be my husband.  His companion was also his protector and he was shorter and not as handsome.  They both had long black hair and wanted me to wait behind for them so that they could go where ever they were headed.  They said they would come back to get me.

I asked them where they were from and he told me some place that started with an ‘O’.  He said it was an island northwest of Trinidad.  He said they had powerful magic there that I should know about, something like shamanism or animism.

Suddenly we were at a church function and I saw my aunt sitting with an occult item and a bible (she is a Christian in real life, and is my aunt by marriage who happens to look like the Native I was speaking with).  I was surprised she had the occult object and there were preachers there and tables full of golden earrings.  The object she held had a painting of fire on it.

After Awakening

I did some research and can only trace the location my dream husband referenced to one of the Indian tribes of Orinoco, likely the Warao or the Caribs who are into animism.  Some of the south Caribbean and South American natives in that vicinity have been known to make occult objects of serpentine or ‘green stone’.  I recently purchased a few serpentine pieces from an African dealer and one of them is very large.  My purchase of serpentine stemmed from a dream I had in early 2015 where I was told I should acquire Chyta, which is another name for serpentine.

My dreams have changed since the purchase of these pieces, becoming more clear.  I will continue to observe the possible effects of my eye surgery and the art pieces on my dreams.




What Life is in your Hands? #Ley #Lines of the Human Body

Let’s return to the mystical for a moment, something that I oh so love to do.  Please give me leave to dance on the wild side.  RT

There’s More to You than Meets the Eye

Have you ever been driving to work for the umpteenth thousandth time and ended up there without really remembering the journey?

Have you ever forgotten a pin number or password, but was able to dial it anyway when your fingers touched the dial pad?

Are you a hair stylist or make up artist that ended up with a grand design that you’d really never thought of?

Have you ever painted a picture or sat down to type a manuscript or write a piece of music and had no clue about the outcome until it was all over and ended up being a masterpiece that blew even your mind away?

Do you know where the ‘u’ is on your computer keyboard?  You may not, but your hands probably do!  Let’s talk about it.

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