How to Handle Fear

Fear is the Residue of Pain and Disappointment.

We fear what hurts us.  Many of us have experienced times when situations that are seemingly beyond our control have caused pain. It usually happens early in life and sets up subconscious constructs that we should run or fight if anything like it ever appears again.  This is how fear begins. Continue reading How to Handle Fear

Seeing Myself in the People that I Attract

dorianThis is just a personal journal entry and introspection about some things that I don’t see about myself.  Yes, it’s true.  Fat people REALLY do not know how fat they are.  Selfish people have no idea how selfish they are.  Snotty people feel totally justified in being snotty.  Therefore I cannot see the bad things about myself unless I look at the people that I attract…..

A Stark Realization

(Pull out the harps and violins) Throughout my life, I have found that mean people are the ones who really love well.  They will fight for you at the risk of losing all friends because they don’t have any anyway and are use to being alone.  They will tell you the truth at the risk of losing your friendship because they are use to being friendless.  They are real because they scare the fake people away.  Some of my best friends have been people that I did not like at first glance.

Conversely, the people that I attract most are the overly friendly crowd.  Based on what I have experienced with these charismatics, this tells me that I am apparently a bit fake in how I interact with people.  Apparently I am not honest with myself about my feelings so I cannot be honest with you and may discuss things you and I have talked about with others.  No, you did not tell me what you said was in confidence, but I know it was.

Since I attract this type I obviously weasel my way into your lives for some selfish purpose, even if it is just to find fame and fortune.  Perhaps I should discontinue this blog since its only purpose should be to help others even if it is only 12 people.  Hmmmm.

I am a Hider and a Manipulator

Apparently, I manipulate and hide behind situations so that I can elevate my own purposes because this is the type of person that I attract.  I would have never thought this about myself however it is obviously the case.  When I look deeply, I do keep my eyes open for opportunities at advancement and recognition — I mean who does not want to be a celebrity right?  Is it not a waste to be a celebrity when you would rather no one know your name?  I must check my motives and veer away from anything that purposely brings the limelight.

Who Gives Their All to Save the Poor?

I thought I was a giver because I have given to many people and seen the law of reaping and sowing active in my life.  Unfortunately, I attract a lot of selfish people and you know what that means.  Yep, I am selfish.  I decided to look more deeply into it and the selfish people I know will do things for their moms, children and selves.  Sometimes they will do things for that ‘wow factor’ person that they want as arm candy.  Man oh man, I do that too and I thought I was not selfish since I gave to someone else.  Do I give to my children out of guilt or because I do  not want them to abandon me in my older age?  Probably so.  And who doesn’t love their mom?  I mean she is the first person that most people give to so she does not really count.  Yep, I am selfish.  I must learn to give just because…when there is no reason or opportunity or desire for that person to return back to me what I have given to them.

Take a Deeper Look

Really look at the people that are around you — even the people you work with.  All is energy and the energy that we attract to ourselves says a lot about who we are.

I think this is enough to swallow for now.


Chapter Six – When the #Man You #Love is #Cheating – Excerpt from the Book Broken Heart by Renee Tarot on #Amazon

Are #you #okay? Has your #heart been #broken leaving you feeling not okay? If so, I #hope that you will feel better after reading my #book, which is #free for all #Amazon #Unlimited subscribers.

Broken Heart: The ‘How to Get Over Someone’ Emergency Recovery Manual for Women

Unfortunately, I must admit this book, and especially this chapter, are written as a result of my personal experience with certain negative situations and behaviors, namely infidelity, which surprisingly left my #mind in #one #piece.  I have chosen to take a bit of a different approach on the topic of cheaters in this divorce/break up blog.  You can easily go to the internet, library or bookstore and find loads of articles and periodicals about characteristics of people who cheat, specifically men, which I will focus on since I am a heterosexual woman and that is where my firsthand experience lies.  I actually have decided to deal with what I think I needed to learn from the situation, hoping that someone will benefit from this.

Some of what I discovered came from conversations with the “other woman” who indulged me by telling me what my husband had said about his ‘love’ for her and what he’d told her about me (believe it or not, this person was very similar to me, except not as faithful :).  I have also talked to male relatives who cheated to get their perspective from a man’s point of view.  With regard to speaking to the other woman, it was more of a relief than anything to have firm proof that my suspicions were not unfounded and that I was in my right mind.

Continue reading Chapter Six – When the #Man You #Love is #Cheating – Excerpt from the Book Broken Heart by Renee Tarot on #Amazon

Help Wanted: More Love

 Quotes About Love

Love’s power is in the fueling of another’s life or #chi / #ase, which comes back to the sender for a never-ending cycle of power for living.


Love is when my kitty and my Shih Tzu fight over personal space, which turns into licking each other’s ears then taking a nap together.

Love is hope that no matter what you see in a person, you say what you hope to see until it manifests.


Love is when you and your friends decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day……again……for a week……in the middle of July.


Love is the smile a child gives to his mom when she serves him beans and he knows that she knows he wants a hot dog, but she doesn’t have a job….it’s his/her way of saying, “It’s okay mommy.  I understand, and I still want to be with you.”


Love is when a wife receives a negative doctor’s report and she goes from denial, to anger, to depression, to acceptance……..and her husband is still there three years later with toast and eggs on Saturday morning.


Love is when a husband becomes excited just watching how his wife takes out the trash. (I don’t know, it just came to me, but that would be real love… LOL!)


Love is when someone keeps failing, and you get more determined with each failure that they WILL win vs giving up on them!


Love is when a kid chews his pencil eraser during a test, then thinks of the motivational speech his dad told him at soccer practice and the answer he couldn’t think of suddenly comes to him.


Love is when you stop listening to a person’s voice and hear their heart.


Love is when perfect masculine energy combines with similar feminine energy to form nirvana.


These quotes may be shared throughout the world to promote a higher energy level, which is much needed these days!