Mercury Retrograde in Gemini | 2 Weeks of Meditation

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You May Not Understand How Important it is to Focus. Read This.

#Mercury #retrograde in Gemini has similarities to how Neptune retrograde behaves in Pisces. Airy dreaminess is put in check long enough for you to set aside time, even if only 10 minutes, to focus and reflect on what you really want. The time for manifestation is now. To require the body and mind to be still and to allow thoughts to come and go until only truth remains will assist you in:
1. Discovering what you really want out of life.
2. Doing something about it.
3. Creating a written vision plan.
4. Putting Universal Forces into motion to work for you.

Manifestation is More Than Wishing and Hoping for a Thing.

Frazzled minds lead to many issues that can plague your life to include sleeplessness, lack of direction and stress, to name a few. You already know what these states lead to without me saying anything more. Are you worth 15 minutes a day for two weeks? Do your dreams matter enough to you to spend time making them come true? Are you willing to destroy the status quo? While a geminic Mercury retrograde is sextile Jupiter in Pisces at an important 29 degrees during a waxing Moon, why not kick off a beautiful new habit that can change your life for eternity.



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