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Every Word Connoisseur Loves a Great Free Read!

Hello! What are you doing this weekend?

Writers write. Readers read. For both it is a great creative outlet and release that serves to fill the world with adventure, color and wonder. You know I’m a writer because you read my blog.

In addition to writing on WordPress and Amazon, I am exploring possibilities with more new series on the #Wattpad platform. I’d LOVE to get your feedback and hear your thoughts about what you think of them and want to read, specifically in the dark fantasy, sci fi and paranormal genres.

I invite you to follow me on #Wattpad where I am currently developing a story, Drakondia and the Amethyst Ankh which is a sequel to Purple Eyes on Amazon. The story of Drakondia is set in a fictional country southeast of modern day Romania. When a precious treasure is stolen from Drakondia, an ancient evil is unleashed amongst the citizens that only the ankh has the power to control. Join me as I craft this story from start to finish!

Also, I have a pretty radical short story, Testosterless. When a combination of world events wipes out over two thirds of all males on the planet, the ensuing peace results in legislation, from a court of women only, to get rid of the rest. This one is NOT for the faint of heart.

Happy Reading!


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