Dream: Khatsecta and the Super Humans

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Dream Date: 4/4/2021 [Yes, this was an actual dream I had while sleeping.]

Time: Approx. 4 am est

Numerology: 4

Astrology of Note: Mercury in Aries at 0 deg

Possible reason for dreaming: I did have Popeye’s chicken for dinner, with a large jalapeno pepper, so that may be why I dreamt of the Popeye-type character and why the dream was so fantastical. Please note that I woke up to go to the restroom and continued the dream when I went back to sleep. I thought that was weird.

I have been concerned with how all these vaccines will affect humans in the future. Since Trump, there have been a lot of really nasty people who have exposed themselves. Also, this Aries season has been fraught with murders in 2021. This dream was likely a combo of what I had for dinner, my covid concerns and my genuine concern for the sanity of the human race.

Humanoids Across the Galaxy Morph Into Something Else

An insectoid who I will call Khatsecta was a super powerful, female insect humanoid who appeared to live on a planet other that Earth. Humanoids across the Milky Way had morphed into powerful, sometimes deadly, super humanoids [sort of like Thanos on Infinity Wars] so all planetary governments had decided there would be no more intergalactic travel. It was too dangerous. My understanding in the dream was that the morphing was due to a combination of about three things:

  1. Vaccines
  2. The Sun’s radioactive waves
  3. Radioactive waves of other stars close to the planets

Khatsecta was from a planet with winged creatures, who looked similar to Mothra. These beings were especially trapped on their planet because they were not treated well by their government and some of them felt they had to escape their planet in order to live free and survive.

Khatsecta Escapes to Earth

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay 

Earth had turned into a drab, gray, place of steel. It was about 100-150 years into the future…approximately 2171 and everything was made of brick and steel. Humans had morphed on Earth, as had humanoids on other planets in the galaxy. Humans were much larger, stronger, faster and were like what we know today as rough looking, dirty superheroes. Some of these humans were fairly good, however many were not good and they had mental disturbances. They had lost some of their humanity and intergrity as their bodies had morphed into giants.

High security prisons were built to hold the ones who were dangerous and super humans from other planets were hired to guard the predators. That was one way they could earn a stay on Earth.

All ages were in the prisons from 10 to 100 years old — there were no juvenile centers — however male prisoners were separated from females, but they could be guarded by female super women. Khatsecta was hired as a guard in the male prison to protect the general population from the super human predators. She and another super human woman who looked like a rough version of Wonder Woman [I’ll call her Wombwomba] both became pregnant by some of the men in the prison. Why they would want to do that? I have no clue, by I was of the impression that they had wanted to lay with these men.

Wombwomba and Khatsecta were forced to live in the prison until their offspring were born because the government did not know what they would birth and wanted to provide as much safety for the public as possible because life on Earth was very chaotic.

They both went into labor at the same time and Wombwomba gave birth to a woman who looked just like herself. Just after birth she forced her child/woman partially back into her womb to eat her placenta and drink all of her birth fluids and yelled at the woman “Eat, Eat in order to be strong!”

Khatsecta also gave birth to a long wormlike cocoon. The prisoners made fun of her child[?] and she begged them not to kill it.

“If you would allow the cocoon to remain here for two years, it will be born and will be similar to me,” she begged.

The prison warden found a place to store the cocoon, thinking it could be of service to him one day, and allowed it to remain in the prison to complete its incubation period. The outer shell of the cocoon was somewhat translucent and I could see a slender female creature inside. She appeared to be sleeping. That is the last I saw of the cocoon.

Blindeye Hides His Strength

There was a teen prisoner on the male side who was very strong, but out of control with his anger. From time to time he would sneak outside and shake the prison building by pushing it. He was non verbal. Many prisoners would be hurt when he shook the building, however they thought it was an earthquake.

One day the teen prisoner became very angry and went outside and lifted the brick prison from its foundation and tossed it about a foot. Amazingly, the building remained intact, however numerous prisoners were injured and a muscular prisoner named Blindeye lost his right eye. He did not see who caused the accident, but other prisoners did and they were allowed by the guards to overtake the teen.

They laid the angry teen face down on a weight lifting bench and bound his arms and chest with a steel band and also bound his feet together with strong steel bands.

Prison life continued as usual and the guards began to recruit for a type of competitive wrestling and weight lifting contest that was to be held against other prisons. Part of the tryouts was to see if the prisoners could climb on the captured teen and lift his upper torso. The teen was so strong and angry that nobody could lift his chest more than an inch of the weight bench.

Blindeye was very muscular and looked a bit like a swarthy, giant Popeye. Someone asked him to try out for the wrestling team and he said, “why not?”

Blindeye climbed on the back of the giant teen, wrapped his arm around him and easily lifted the teen’s torso up at least two feet from the weight bench. Everyone was in awe and then Blindeye realized he had revealed his secret. He’d hid his secret because he did not want to be killed for being too strong and unable for the prison guards or military to subdue.

Blindeye quietly left and hid himself, hoping that everyone would forget his secret.

The War Against Good and Evil

The rest of the dream is fuzzy after this, however the good giants of this new Earth had to go to war with some of the evil, powerful humanoids that lived on the planet. Khatsecta was asked to join in the fight against evil and someone in the prison suggested that Blindeye be released to fight as well. The government was willing to offer the strongest prisoners their freedom if they would fight for them. Blindeye agreed.

It was going to take all the power and strength they could muster to subdue the Earth and save her from the awful, morphed other half of the human race. I only saw that portion of the war draft and recruitment, but did not see the war, however I did not fear that all hope was lost because Khatsecta, Blindeye and other decent humanoids were very powerful indeed.

The End.

dream by Renee Tarot

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Renee Tarot

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