The Truths of Km t ( Also known as Km.t or Kemet )

Kmt_obeliskThe Ancients of Km t had a letter system without vowels. I guess they figured you did not need additional letters for sounds that came out naturally when certain consonants were put together…

For example, Nefertiti was originally Nfrtt — and the hieroglyphs were just for the people who were not knowledgeable enough for the letters yet….it was for the common people. Make no mistake, they had a highly advanced system of writing, more advanced than what we have today.  The reason you don’t hear about it is the ‘scholars’ of today don’t know what the hell it means and can’t translate or interpret it — there are no Rosettas for this writing because it was writing of the Gods and not for human consumption.

The word nfr meant beautiful and the word ntr meant divine….so anything sounding like nefer, neter, nether, niger, negro, nigger actually meant beautiful and divine because at that time, ‘BLACK’ was divine — and it actually still is with all of the research going into duplicating the production of mlnn in other races. Foreigners profaned the meanings of these words and subsequently black people have done the same.

Many places within the pyramids have been cut off from the public so that even if you are fortunate to travel there physically, you cannot get to these locations.  There is one way to reach them — with mlnn….LOL!  Much has been done to dumb down the black races in order to prevent communication with the Ancient Divine or Ntr, but that is a post that will remain unpublished by me.

The picture in this current post depicts the hieroglyphic representation of the term Km.t or Egypt.  I like to think that it means, “land of the seers and all-knowing, which marks the spot of the rising sun”……LMAO!

RT or should I change my name to NtrRnn????

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