Spirit and Magick Workers – Do You Use Your Own Moral Code When Providing Services?

psychicAs we learn more about quantum physics and psychic phenomena we are beginning to understand that the common denominator of everything is energy, and energy is created with energy (I know this is a very rudimentary explanation, however I think we are still responsible for how we manipulate energy).  Assuming we don’t blow up ourselves and all scientific discoveries (causing posterity to start over with star gazing), the abyss between magick and science will no longer be an abyss, but will become just a gap as spirituality, traditional religion and science continue on their inevitable quest to merge into one thing, whatever that will be called.  Having said that, for many of us, religion, science and spirituality is already one in the same, and when we provide spiritual services, we can use our knowledge and the manipulation of energy to create outcomes as requested by clients, but I have the following questions:

Should more energy be spent on using psychic ability to determine what clients should have (ethically) vs what they want?

What if what the client wants is different (ethically) from what we think they should have, i.e. client wants to know if they have a future with someone else’s current spouse.  Will you service them if the final outcomes do not line up with your own ethics?

Is our job as psychics and workers of magick to help clients get what they want, no matter what it is?

If a Universal Law is broken in the provision of spiritual/magickal servicess, who pays for it, the client or the spiritual worker or both?

Your feedback is appreciated.