Why the Mental Health-Gun Control Debate is More Socio-Political Than You Think

Hello Readers,

I know that you are wordsmiths who enjoy the beauty of language in its written form, and I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

In this post I have done a video to give my thoughts on the recent gun debate, views I’ve not heard from others so please lend me your eyes and ears and listen with an open heart at this point of view and understand that it is not to uphold, defend or criticize any particular race or socio-economic group…..it’s just a point of view.  Enjoy:






Dreams of a Very Violent Mars

A Violent Man is in the Streets!

A couple of nights ago I had a dream of a young man who was quite paradoxical to me.  He did not seem angry, however he was very intense and set out to completely put down everyone in his path.  He was a slim man, in excellent shape, with a light complexion and no facial expression, dressed in loose fitting pants with no shirt.

I seemed to be in a parking lot outside of a gym, which had a window, storefront facing.  People were looking out the window as this young warrior karate-chopped every man in his path.  I was standing in front of him watching as he plummeted the testicles and penis of a much larger man — it sounded excruciatingly painful!

Then he took his iron karate chop and slammed into the face of another man who was to his right — I could hear the bones in the victim’s face crunching to bits.

The people in the store front yelled at the young man, “Stop! You’re going to kill them!”

The young man seemed to hear them and paused just a bit, though he proceeded to punch the two men…..because there was nobody else brave enough to challenge him.  I woke up and asked aloud, “who was that man!”

Proceed with Caution into the Time of Great Violence!

On March 22, 2013 we had a very similar placement of Uranus conjunct Mars in Aries, but that time with the Sun powering up the duo, and during that week:

Rikers Island Corrections Officers beat an inmate severely in his cell and were later charged.

20 people were killed and 200 were injured in a refugee camp in Thailand.

A gunman killed 20 people in a coordinated attack in Nigeria.

163 rebels and troops were killed in Sudan.

23 people were killed in Shiite Mosques in Iraq.

10 people were killed and 30 injured outside a US consulate in Pakistan.

North Korea declared itself in a state of war with South Korea…..


Join Me in Sending Steadying Energies into the World at Large

I believe the man that I saw in my dream was Mars and he was hell bent on violence and destruction…..interestingly enough, he seemed to want to do it with his bare hands!

During this time of Aries’ influence, it is not completely easy to keep a quiet mind. There are so many news reports, lots of violence, people who pull us in the wrong directions and some Uranian confusion…..yet still it is necessary for us to take the time to find a place of peace and harmony in our minds. Lack thereof can definitely affect our physical bodies and the current Energies are vying for our attention — the struggle is real.

You will find that you have to be stern during this season in order to keep things straight and stay focused. Explain to your close family and friends that you may have to get back to them at another time, but be sure, at all costs, to maintain control of your own minds via meditation and quiet time. You can do it!  The Universe is depending on you to keep a steady mind and be like the people in the gym in my dream.  Encourage Mars to take a chill pill — as much as you can!

Stay Positive and Know that You Can Make It

Be encouraged and know that you can make it, whatever challenges you find yourself learning from in the You-niversity of Life! I believe in you, They (The Inner School Masters) believe in you and know that each step of the journey is only meant to make your soul stronger because you truly are More than Conquerors!