Morticia Addams Kills the Grinch — Dream #FanFiction….Go figure

Morticia Kills the GrinchWell, from time to time I have dreams where it’s like going to the movies.  Yes, I dream movies, but sometimes they could contain messages for people and this was a weird one…. (photos courtesy of the New Yorker Paper (Morticia) and (the Grinch)

Dream Date 11/16/15

Morticia Kills the Grinch

So in this dream, Morticia Addams is at home with her family and she tells Gomez that she feels the Grinch’s energy is downgrading the rest of the worlds energy and ethics.  She has come up with a wonderful idea that they should lure the Grinch to Thanksgiving dinner and kill him with a Saturn conjunct Saturn transit.  Yes with an astrological transit (I’ll tell you how later).

Gomez asks Morticia how she will get the Grinch to come to dinner and she tells him that he loves little Cindy Lou so she will make sure her daughter Cindy Lou is there to lure him in.  Now in this dream, Wednesday is not the daughter they are referring to, it is Cindy Lou, however Cindy Lou is old like Grandmama so I don’t know if they dressed Grandmama up to look like Cindy Lou or if Cindy Lou was just their old ‘other’ daughter.

Anyhoo, the Grinch agrees to come once he discovers Cindy Lou will be there and when he arrives, he steps over all the other kids to get to Cindy Lou who is no longer little Cindy Lou, but big ass old Cindy Lou.  He seems not to notice the difference and pats her on the head in adoration.  Believe it or not, it is not twisted adoration, but as an uncle would adore his fave niece.

The Astro Room

Morticia invites the Grinch into the Astro-Room for pre-dinner chat and perhaps a cigar.  Now let me explain this room because this is where it gets weird, I mean ‘more’ weird.  It is a dark gothic room like a big, ancient library with old books, leather lounging chairs and a clear, glass ceiling where the astral bodies (planets, stars, etc.) can be clearly seen.  Any astral relations are seen as shadows on the floor, i.e. squares, conjuncts, triSaturn Transitnes, etc.  The kicker is, if you stand on the shadow that is formed by a particular transit, you will feel it many times more than what people normally feel it on earth meaning its power is amplified to kill you if it is the right type of transit and apparently Saturn conjunct Saturn is a ‘killer’ transit.

The Grinch’s Final Moments

The Grinch walks to one end of the room and Gomez and Morticia remain on the opposite end.  Morticia has timed it perfectly so that they are seconds before the Saturn conjunct Saturn transit and it is to be a surprise attack.  The Grinch looks around with his evil smile and realizes something is up and as he attempts to walk toward the door to exit the room AND their home, he steps onto a shadow on the ground which is the Saturn transit, that looks like the pic above.  The angles connect under his feet and he falls to the ground as the breath leaves his body.  Morticia is successful.

I wake up and say, “Wow.  Only me.”